Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday morning – & afternoon, heading into evening – coming down, indeed. Decent enough day & decent enough mood. The anxiety & skittishness of the past couple of days has seemed to pass. I wonder if it was yesterday’s medication run to Tupelo. Momma, the Therapist, the Psych Doc, the Little Brother, the Sister-In-Law, the Better Angels, various relatives, they all say I do need to get out of the house more & interact with real people, & I know that – to a certain degree – they’re right.

It has been years since I’ve been able to enjoy a weekend. It’s mind-blowingly refreshing to have two whole days where the world leaves me alone. Weekend’s are awesome everyone needs a weekend, actual weekend, at least now & then. I think it’s been since I was a teenager that I’ve enjoyed a good weekend. Even if I have nothing that needs doing all week, it’s still so nice to have those two days were, at the very least, no one is bothering you about bills or doctor’s appointments or the other tedious shit that defines modern adulthood. You can mow a yard or do your homework or catch up on your paperwork or go kayaking or sit around in your shorts watching a Law & Order marathon.

The point is, you get to decided. That’s so nice, even just for the sake of mental release. I was never happy when I worked uneven shifts, because even on days off I’d have to deal with rent or getting my car repaired, & that almost makes it worse. The one job I’ve had that didn’t ask me to give a shit on a Saturday or Sunday didn’t pay shit, or I would’ve stuck with it longer than six months. That managed to screw up the rest of my time in New Orleans so bad I never was able to get back on my feet, but having weekend’s was almost worth it.

Things should be set up in such a way that people work weekends because they chose to. Monday through Friday, everyone’s taken care off & makes enough money to take care of themselves. People who work on Saturdays get paid extra. People who just work weekends get paid a higher rate than weekly workers, even if they have other employment. Once you hit 40 a week – & I’m giving you that, though I do believe we could run this country on 30 or 35 & do all right – you’re good & can live healthily & enjoy life. But if you the hustling type or you’re saving up for a game console or a wedding or something, you can pick up weekend shifts.

I really don’t see how this wouldn’t work or why we couldn’t make it work.

Hey, I ran out of free articles & would love to read on “The 1619 Project” in The New York Times. If someone could toss me a link or a backdoor (until they can Bret Stephens, anyway), I’d be much obliged. Speaking of which, it appears conservative Twitter, from guys like Newt Gingrich to third-rate pea brains that write for The Federalist are pissed off about this. I mean, they are big mad. This is one of the things that leads to bad places for a government, not only can The State never be criticized, history that casts a less-than-positive-light (to say the very, very least) must be ignored or re-written.

Julian Castro just announced he’d revoke the 20 Medals of Honor awarded to members of the 7th Calvary who massacred hundreds of Lakota – including 200-plus women & children at Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota in 1890. Whew boy, talking about conservatives having shit fits because America’s dirty laundry that we’ve all known about since high school history is aired again. I say go get ’em, buckaroo.

You know, I was just going to make some notes, but here we are. Here’s a link of ongoing coverage of mass shootings – which seem to be just a part of Life In America now – by the always worthy Mother Jones. What else do we got? Here’s a link to donate to Democratic candidates in Kentucky, Louisiana, & Mississippi if you’re into that. I’m seeing some talk among liberal Mississippi – which does exist but we’re scattered – that there’s a possibility of flipping Mississippi purple in 2020, breaking the 20-year total control Republicans have had on state politics. I don’t know about all that, but we’ll see.

Here’s something about that speech Trump gave last week in Pennsylvania at that Shell plant. Turns out the workers had to chose between watching Trump or not getting paid. Here’s something else. That just pisses me off to the point of inarticulation & incoherence. In other news of workers getting screwed by greed heads, here’s a good piece in the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal about U.S. Attorney for Southern District & dirty bastard Mike Hurst. Remember him? He’s the dickless wonder who pushed last week’s ICE stormtrooping in chicken plants in Mississippi.

I know this is going to shock the ever-loving shit out of you, but he’s really aggressive about prosecutor undocumented workers; not so much when it comes to the businesses that hire or indeed facilitate the hiring thereof undocumented workers. I know, right, you could’ve knocked me down with a feather.

In good news, a Judge has ordered Georgia to scrap the machines & get set for paper balloting come next year. I was at Ground Zero in Georgia when the whole scandal concerning that went down & there was some shady shit indeed that was sort of… passed over when Bush Jr. “won”. That whole affair still amazes me, right on up to the unnecessary war in Iraq. We all knew it was crooked at the time & we don’t even pretend it wasn’t now, but everyone – everyone – in American politics & corporate media just sort of… eh. And we wonder why the dumbass that’s president is president.

Anyhow, that’s enough of that. Like I said, I was just going to put some notes down. I wonder what the next step should be, because as fun as this is, it’s not cutting the nut. I’ve already told anyone who might care that this exists, but I wonder if I should reach further out for criticism. I hate doing that. I take bad criticism okay, though I do have the tendency to bail if I think it isn’t worth the effort. But even when I was getting paid I didn’t take good criticism well.

I tell you one thing. I’m certainly not turning on comments anytime soon. I need constructive criticism by people who give a shit, not just any random jackass with internet access & time to kill.

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