What’s all this then?

Many years ago I was professional journalist. After about 15 years of that mess, I got burned out & decided to just be a writer. After a couple of years of that, I was so burned out by the whole process, stress & lack of success (hey) that I pretty much put the kibosh on that little endeavor & spent the next decade wandering the streets of the French Quarter.

For reasons we shan’t go into in this moment, I moved back home a couple years ago & found myself with what I’d been missing for the past 20 years: Time. I could finally waste my time writing without (initially) having to worried about making rent. Plus, I had no excuse not to.

So that brings us to this. The entire media landscape has radically changed since the last time I made a go at the written word &, to be quite frank, apart from not ever having to interview anyone ever again, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, much less what I could make a living doing.

What we have here, therefor, is an old-school blog. I give my thoughts of the news of the day, whatever media I’m consuming, or just random screams into the abyss. The long-term goal is to both get my writing chops into shape & hopefully pull something out of this I can make a dollar on. The short-term goal is to have some fun.

My politics are obnoxiously leftist, my taste in music is beer-joint based, I like philosophy & cosmology, & I’m fascinated by the occult & Americana. I plan on writing at least 500 words a day until something forces its way out or I give up again.

Come share the ride, won’t you?