Monday, August 19, 2019

I stayed up too late last night, my sleep mask slipped off at one point, & I’ve felt out of sorts all day. Really, I’m not up for this & frankly don’t give a shit. But this is Work & Work Must Be done.

 Reason I stayed up too late is I was playing more Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. That is a really fun & well-made game – far as I can tell, anyway. It looks great & plays well, is challenging enough & has a great overall atmosphere. It’s a little grindy – but what space sim isn’t – & the difficulty ramps up once you leave the opening sector, but that’s all part of it. I may still write a more in-depth review of it in the next few days, just to see if I can do it, but today ain’t the day.
 Beyond that, I don’t know. Like I said, staying up too late last night threw me out of whack for the rest of the day & I’ve been a zombie pretty much through it. I’ve been putting this off, hoping something would spark but there’s nothing.
 Anyhow, let’s look at the news.
 Apparently, conservative pundit & professional bed-wetter Ben Shapiro said something stupid today, in re: Trump’s embracing of birtherism & it’s relationship to Republicans & conservatives. As a part of the “Never Trumpers” – or what Roy Edroso calls “Just The Tip Trumpism” – to distance the mainstream GOP from the foul stench of Donald Trump (who enjoys something like 80+ percent approval among the base) since they see him getting beaten like a cheap punk in 2020. I won’t go that far out on a limb – especially considering how the game’s geared towards conservatives & that they’ll cheat like drunken bookies – be  I do think it’s looking bad for him. Granted, if he squeaks out another win, the corporate media will pretend he’s got a “mandate”. Hell, if he manages to not shit himself during the “debates”, he’ll become “presidential” according to Maggie Halberman.
 But I’m getting off topic here. Ben Shaprio. One thing to remember about him isn’t that he’s intelligent (he isn’t) or honest (he isn’t); it’s that he’s a fundamentally a bad person. Someone shot up a mosque in his name in Quebec & he pretends it’s not on him. He continues to make money – though he comes from a wealthy background – by spreading hate & lies in the name of “conservative thought”. This isn’t saying conservatism is bad or conservatives are bad; it’s that Ben Shapiro is a fundamentally bad person & that’s how he makes his money.
 Never trust anyone that sells “brain enhancing supplements”, kids. They are crooked screwheads & will cheat you out of every last dime.
 This is sort of fucked up. Over the weekend, dumbass kids made threats against schools in Nettleton, Okolona & Shannon in Lee County over the weekend, resulting in one juvenile being detained. Earlier in the year, I gave the Lee County school system shit for hiring a bunch of armed guards, mainly because it hurts my heart that’s where we are as a society, but here we are.
 Are these copycats? Do we encourage these actions when they’re reported in the media? Are we sensationalizing them? Does it reveal something more fundamentally rotten within our society? I don’t really know nor do I have any answers. I do know pretending they don’t happen won’t make them stop, nor will ignoring what the actual shooters are saying that influences them to shoot up shit. Maybe it is just a question of keeping unnecessarily high-powered weaponry out of the hands of bigots & assholes.
 Speaking of bigots & assholes, conservatives are in the midst of a full-blown shit fit over The New York Times “1619” series. Apparently, the only reason we should even explore the history of slavery in America & the lasting effect this evil has had on the country & its people is because the liberal media wants to make Trump look bad. That makes perfect sense. Of all people, bloated hypocrite Newt Gingrich dared to raise his pumpkin-like head & pretend like he isn’t a total partisian shit-bag to complain. Again, these are bad people & you shouldn’t have anything to do with them, much less pay attention to them.
 Let’s see, what else. Elizabeth Warren in a speech to largely Native American audience apologized for identifying herself as Native & releasing a DNA test to back up the claims. Now, I’m not going to argue the where’s & whatfor’s of this because, frankly, I think it’s settled. But the main reason I won’t is because, frankly, the only outrage over this I think is worth paying attention to is from Native groups themselves & everyone else can suck it. Trump’s going to call her “Pocahontas”, as will every knee-biting Republican (Never-Trumper or not), blissfully unaware that such is as racist as portraying  Obama as a witch doctor through his nose.
 Look, the average white person doesn’t believe Native Americans still make up a portion of the population, much less give two shits about being racist to them or not. See the ongoing argument about sports teams in Atlanta or Washington D.C. Conservatives certainly don’t care & their outrage should be ignored.
 Anyhow. It’s 11:20 p.m. & I think I might call it an early night. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Thought I had to work the election but it’s next Tuesday, Aug. 27. Ride with the king.

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