The Weekend: July 4 & July 5, 2020

 Since I forgot about giving links to the News when I wrote yesterday's Gibberish and didn't think about it until I woke up this morning, let's go ahead and get the links to this week's Gibberish before we get too deep into it. Tuesday was sort of a stream-of-conscious thing about why you should Trust … Continue reading The Weekend: July 4 & July 5, 2020

The Weekend: June 20-21, 2020

 I have felt off all day. Not exactly sick, but definitely uncomfortable. I took a longer-than-usual nap and feel a bit better, but I ain't going to sit here and lie about it. I put this off most of the day and it's past 8 p.m. Before we wade into it, some links from this … Continue reading The Weekend: June 20-21, 2020