Wednesday, September 9, 2020

I shut it down again today, ain’t going to lie. And again, it was purposefully done. Something of a dark mood but I don’t feel like going into details.

Furthermore, I have another round of Actual Paying Work to get done and I imagine that’ll be plenty enough to hit word count. Besides, I’m barely in the mood to write that and I’ll get paid for it. That’s enough for now.

That being said, there is a good bit of news worth talking about today, though I think it’ll help the get-along if it simmers a bit. So I’ll address it deeper with the Gibberish tomorrow. Maybe, depends on what kind of mood I get into.

I will speak on this a bit, though. The big news is the revelation that Trump spilled his guts to Bob Woodward about what he knew about COVID-19 way back in February. Turns out it was more than he was letting on at the time, but he claims he was “downplaying it” so as to not panic the populace. Right.

Here’s the thing. No one with any sense doubted for one moment that Trump knew more than he was telling about the severity and danger of the virus in its early days. With a little research, we all could’ve known how dangerous it was. And no one with any sense thought Trump was that far out of the loop. He just didn’t give a shit. You know this. I know this.

The story is composed from three interviews, the first in February, one in March where Trump claimed he was “downplaying” it to keep us plebes from panicking, and a final one in July. That one’s a kicker, because he tells Woodward he washes his hands of all responsibility, claiming China sent it over. What’s really funny is back in February he’d said Xi Jinping had briefed him on the severity of the illness.

This was all for a book Woodward wrote called Rage, which is his book about the Trump years. He’s done that with every president as far back as when him and Carl Bernstein nailed Nixon on Watergate. I’ve read a couple. They’re very detail and incredibly dry. One of my journalism professors said the Ben Bradlee teamed Woodward and Bernstein up because the former was a great reporter and the later was a great writer.

So, that tells you Woodward’s info is legit even if Trump’s calling it a “political hit job,” because of course he is. This all matches with reporting from the whole time. The government under Trump had info on the severity and danger of COVID-19, basically ignored it, and tried to pretend it wasn’t their responsibility. We knew this thanks to the revelations around Kelly Loeffler’s stock shenanigans. Nothing new, Woodward’s reporting just comes from the horse’s asshole.

One thing people are losing their minds over is that Woodward sit on this info rather than “speaking truth the power” back in March or July. Okay, here’s the thing. We all knew this how it was. None of this is revelatory or even all that difficult to believe. The Base will still not be moved, though. This won’t shake them one bit now and it certainly wouldn’t have shook them loose back in March or July. Trump could fuck an eight-year-old girl and then eat her raw on live TV and they’d crow about how he “owned the libs” again. The man’s a rotten bastard. That’s why they love him. That’s why they love the idea of cops being able to shoot whoever they want or employers fire workers for nothing. That’s how they see the world should work.

And with less than two months to go until the election, it probably won’t push the needle too far one way or another. There might, might, be a few fence-sitters, but I have to wonder how significant an impact they’d make. This could just be a result of my own bubble, but I have to wonder who thinks another four years is going to mellow this dickhole out any. I’m sure there’s someone. This is America, after all.

Okay. Hey, that’s word count. Like I said, I’ve got work to do. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but unless my mood changes, don’t expect much.

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