The Weekend: August 8-9, 2020

 Well. It has been a week. I don’t know if we’re wiser for it or not, but regardless, it has been a week.

 Before we get too deep into, let’s link to this week’s Gibberish. I’ve been suffering from mush brain all week, so there’s nothing to fiery to report. Tuesday was just trying to wrap my head around that rediculous Axios interview Trump gave that, apparently, we’ve all just moved past.

 Thursday and, particularly, Saturday attempts to explain why I generally vote Democrat even though I feel my own politics is too far to the left of them. I’m not a fan of how they govern or operate, but the fact of the matter is they’re the only U.S. political party of any substance that has the guns to get shit done, even if it’s just the bare minimum to keep the peasants from hoisting the black flag and start slitting throats.

 The Libertarians have never been anything but a bunch of deluded goofballs. The Greens think sitting on their ass and then running for President every four years is a more viable strategy than working from the ground up. And Republicans? Well, you’d be hard-pressed to convince me that the party leaders (not necessarily the voters) care about anything but fleecing as much money as they can and keeping a system installed where rich white dudes call all the shots and fuck you if you’re not them.

 People will say “there’s not one thin dime between the parties,” and even a cursory glance at most of the actions of the Trump Administration and the Supreme Court show that’s balderdash. Whether it’s damaging the post office to keep folks from voting or going out of their way to smack down worker rights, environmental protection laws, and civil rights gains, the difference glaring The main thing separating the two parties is the Republicans think they have enough cops, soldiers and other bully boys they don’t have to worry about the guillotine.

 And maybe they’re right. One of the most disturbing thing about this whole “protest against unchecked police brutality” thing is just how many of Our Fellow Americans are fine and dandy with masked thugs who hide their identities to the people they stuff into unmarked vehicles, much less a cop who shoots a kid and gets away with it. They’re not just okay with it. They actively encourage it. It’s “law and order,” they say. The funniest thing is the guys (and it’s almost always guys) who call themselves “rebels” and “outlaws” are the same ones telling you “obey all the rules or you will deserve to get hurt.”

 What a world, what a world. A couple of interesting occurrences happened this weekend that are sure to throw a kink into the works. One was the mass signing of Executive Orders by Trump. They’re supposed to be an aid for folks dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic that he said would be over and done with by now, but there you go.

 I’m going to need a little more to digest this and, in any event, this is definitely one of those things that need to play out a bit. EO’s are just that, the president tells people to do stuff. Whether it happens or not is up in the clouds. Of the four areas covered by the EO’s – stimulus checks, payroll taxes, eviction blocks, & student loans – it’s only the latter that has any real teeth to it, according to them who know. The others need to be funded by Congress, which doesn’t count how, for example, the ban on evictions doesn’t have anything in it about helping folks who couldn’t pay rent because they had no money. And the ban on payroll tax is more a deferment. It’ll come back around next April.

 One concerning aspect of the payroll tax bit, however, is how it will affect Social Security and Medicare. Both are funded primarily by payroll taxes, and after signing the EO’s, Trump bragged to some of his cultists at a taxpayer-funded reality that he’d make the cuts permanent and total. This set people off. Social Security and Medicare both have solid bipartisan support, even from folks who want the “government to stay out of their Medicare”. The White House has since walked the claim back and it’s entirely possible this was just another instance of Trump running his mouth because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

 The other thing of note was the firing of two dozen high-level officials at the U.S. Postal Service. Under the rubric of current Postmaster General Louis DeJoy – the first PG in years not to have experience working for the Post Office; he’s a businessman with money in postal services, naturally – the battered agency has been hobbled even more thanks to internal memos basically demanding that mail delivery is slowed down as much as possible.

 Of course, this comes on the heels of calls for the public to vote via mail due to the pandemic that’s so far killed around 160,000 and infected five million, the silly sausages. LeJoy (who got his job because he donated beaucoup money to Trump’s 2016 campaign) has accelerated the GOP hard-on for destroying the post office, and critics are calling this latest strong-arm tactic a “Friday night massacre,” which is politico code for “sleazy shit pulled on a Friday night when the press has gone home for the weekend”.

 Again, like his rage boner for TikTok, this has more to do with people not liking Trump than anything else, and that goes for everything. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying or a Base loyalist Again, his followers are fine with all this, regardless of how incongruous it may be to what they claim to stand for or how mad they’d be if Obama did it. Once the dirty news about his connection with Jefferey Epstein comes out, they’ll forgive that, too.

 Bank on it.

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