Friday, August 7, 2020

 The first working week of August is in the can. After a couple of cool (relatively speaking) days here in Northeast Mississippi, it’s supposed to turn damn hot damn quick while COVID-19 rages out of control and unabated. So that means it’s a perfect opportunity to stay in the air conditioning and read about mind-blowing topics while listening to Motown. Naturally.

 Before that, however, let’s take a look at the News and take stock of where we are. Beirut is still sorting through the rubble after Tuesday night’s devastating explosion that rocked a 10 square kilometer area in the city. The most recent count I can find has the death toll up to 157 but the after-effects of the explosion are being felt all over the world. The Lebanese government has detained 16 people who are charged with being connected to the explosion. The main thought is that it was still an accident, despite what the President claimed without evidence, brought on by lax safety measures. Again, if you can donate to relief funds, please do.

 Meanwhile closer to home, as the state of Mississippi inches closer to 2,000 deaths due to the coronavirus, schools are going ahead and trying to open. They’re trying to make it work, holding smaller classes and requiring masks, but several schools are being hobbled due to kids and teachers testing positive for the virus. A teacher in Lafayette County died earlier in the week, and schools in Corinth and South Tippah County are recording students testing positive for the virus.

 We’ve recently topped the list for testing positive in the U.S. We have something like one in four tests coming up with COVID-19, so yay us, I guess. The State Department of Education has responded to the pressure the schools are facing by shaving off 10 days from the attendance requirement. Gov. Tate Reeves has been catching a massive amount of flack over the past week, and deservedly so, as the goofy bastard tried to invoke college football as a reason to wear masks instead of actually doing something.

 Elsewhere in the South, a seven-year-old boy died of COVID-19, putting the lie to the President’s claim that children were immune. The boy had no chronic health conditions, though the Georgia Department of Public Health isn’t releasing any other info on him. The President made the claim Wednesday evening, although there had already been several young children who have died due to the pandemic, including a nine-month-old child. That’s just the latest in a line of outright lies Trump keeps repeating about the COVID-19 plague that he otherwise refuses to act upon.

 I was trying to find something positive to end on, but I’ll be dad-blamed if I can find anything. The NRA is coming under fire from the New York Attorney General for financial irregularities, but they’ve been nothing more than a lobbying group for gun manufacturers it’s hard to get excited about blood being in the water. Trump’s snit with China takes a new turn with an executive order banning any business done with the owners of TikTok, though I still say that’s all performative. And the U.S. added 1.8 million jobs in July, so that leaves just a little over 20 million more to catch up with what was lost back in March and April.

 So, that’s where we stand on this, the Seventh Day of the Seventh Month in the 2,020th Foul Year of Our Lord. I don’t know what to tell you but wear a mask, make sure you’re registered to vote, and don’t let the bastards grind you down. Otherwise, have a nice weekend.

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