Monday, August 3, 2020

I’m really not up for this right now. Whatever funk sat down on me last week hasn’t gone away. If anything, it’s joined up with my crippling self-doubt to become worse.

Just so far, looking at the news just bums me out more. I’m having a real hard time wrapping my head around our total capitulation in the face of an obviously deadly pandemic. On the one hand, I’m supposed to believe Americans hold life dear and precious. On the other, I’m supposed to be gung-ho that old people will die anyway and kids may suffering lifelong medical problems so rich people don’t have to worry about not being slightly richer an hour from now. Also, even if he’s joking, Elon Musk is a dickhead. The fact that we as a culture take his dumbass seriously just because he’s got a lot of money speaks very poorly for us.

Alright, this has been untouched for nearly three hours. So I’m going to shut it down here. Maybe I’ll come back to it if inspiration strikes or maybe I’ll just piss and moan at the Gibberish again. I doubt anyone’s on tenterhooks either way.

UPDATE, 5:20 p.m.: Well, I’ve had a very solid nap, but I’m no more enthusiastic about this, whatever it is. But we’ll fill up the white space and get our 500 words. Some days, friends and neighbors, the only reason this gets done is sheer bloody mindedness. So, let’s take a look.

I really hadn’t planned on writing about the TikTok deal. As we all know, one of the big issues with the popular app is that it’s owned by a Chinese company and since the kids have been using to crawl up Trump’s nose as of late, he announced this weekend he was banning it. This, of course, lit everyone up. One can understand the data privacy worries with an app that seems so closely tied to the Chinese government, which is run by a bunch of bastards, but on that note, I personally don’t see where the U.S. government comes off as a white hat.

In any event, Microsoft has been making moves to buy the app for the last little bit and Trump’s tantrum spurred them to move faster. Well, turns out he’ll allow it, so long as the government gets a cut. Now, while we all agree China’s government is repressive and authoritarian, Trump’s so-called animosity towards it is more performative than anything, given the sweet trade deals and pallets of flattering he’s given President Xi Pining. All his dickwave is to stir up the lizard-brain instincts of the base so they’ll have not-white people to fear and loathe. They’re this election’s Mexico, in other words.

And again, when it comes to data security, anyone who considers Microsoft “one of the good guys” is eligible for a brand-new bridge in New York City, just click the email link. For whatever it’s worth, that war is lost and we let it happen. As a middle-class, middle-aged cis straight white male who’s incredibly boring, I hide nothing but I definitely understand other people’s concerns over the issue. As for Trump’s wanting a piece of the action, them that know say there’s not a lot of precedent for it and it doesn’t look right, but when has that ever stopped him?

Okay, that’s good. Maybe if I get in a better mood, I’ll write some more later tonight. Probably not, though.

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