The Weekend, August 1-2, 2020

I really don’t have much to go on today. In a gloomy mood where all I want to do is sleep, so that’s what I’ve been doing most of the weekend. We’re just going to fill up the white space until we get our 500 and probably go back to sleep. But first, links to the Gibberish.




Tuesday was kind of light as I had some Actual Paying Work today. Furthermore, I had written a fairly hefty rant the night before that I’m not going to link to, so there. Looking back, that’s probably where my mood started drifting south. We touched on my unease at the President claiming that the election in November wouldn’t be valid because of mail-in voting Thursday and that he might not recognize it. I’m still not good with that, mainly because I’d say there are about 50 million yay-hoos in this country willing and eager to kill their Fellow Americans in Trump’s name.

Saturday was mostly about me being depressed and disenchanted with the state of the world and the people in it, and that really hasn’t changed much. I know it’s here but I don’t know if anything specific is causing it beyond the normal malaise and stress we’re all feeling right now. I’ve said it before but considering the danger kids are looking at right now going back to school, I am awfully glad I never fathered any children.

Some have asked why the Trump Administration has such a hard-on for kids going back to school this month when it’s obvious it’s not anywhere close to safe. I’m sure there’s some charter school-based evil going on with Betsy DeVos, but I think the bulk of it is because to act like it wasn’t 100% safe would be as bad as admitting they fumbled the whole thing from the get-go. And if there’s one thing I think we’ve all learned the past three years is that Donald Trump can’t admit to ever being wrong, much less take responsibility for that.

Part of the reason the second assistance bill is being hung up when it’s needed most of all is the GOP is adamant it includes liability insurance so folks can’t sue employers or school systems if they come down with COVID-19. The really screwed up thing is the legal wording the Republicans are pushing for would allow employers to sue the workers if they get sick from COVID-19 at the job.

I honestly don’t know what to say about that. You come down with this devastating, poorly understood virus which can irrevocably wreck your health if it doesn’t kill you, your insurance is wrecked and God knows what it does to your savings, and then? Your boss sues you for getting sick and because of the legal language, they have a better than average chance of winning in court.

Here in Mississippi, we’re days away from leading the nation in coronavirus cases per capita if we haven’t already passed it. And the reason for the ambiguity is the state’s coroners are so overloaded with dead bodies and not enough protection that we can’t get an accurate count. And what does the state government do? Little more than nothing. I’ve never been a big “we need better leadership” guy because I think most of society’s problems come from the idea that people need to be lead by anybody, but good gravy.

At least do your jobs, elected officials. That can’t be too much to ask for how much you get paid and the compensations you get, can it? I don’t know, friends and neighbors. It’s been a dark summer, and though we have a little over 90 days before the election, I am almost convinced the next couple months will be uglier than we’ve seen in a while.

Stay safe.

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