Friday, August 1, 2020

Well, it’s the last day of the week and the last day of the month. Let’s see what fresh hell awaits this one. This is going to be quick, though, but I really don’t feel like engaging with reality today. Do you blame me?

Anyhow. Schools in Mississippi opened this week, and already it’s turning out to be a bad idea. Already, the Corinth School System – which is about 45 minutes north of here – has announced they’ve had a person test positive for COVID-19 and are starting contract tracing for everyone they think was within six feet of the person. Good luck with that.

As I touched on yesterday, Mississippi has now become the state with the highest COVID-19 infections per capita. There are entire countries in worse shape than us. Recall that Mississippi only has a little under four million residents with a little over 58,000 confirmed cases. The infections, when one looks at a map, look fairly well scattered about. A little heavier around Jackson and close to Memphis, but those areas see a lot of folks passing through.

Where this becomes a problem is when you add in that Mississippi’s health care system ranks dead last in the nation when it comes to overall quality. That includes not only the quality of health care available but also the ease of access for most of the state. Places like Issaquena and Sunflower Counties in the Delta have no doctors at all and are, out of the gate, screwed because of the poverty level.

Now, the school issue is important because, for the longest time, the common wisdom was that COVID-19 was only dangerous to the elderly or those with problematic immune systems. For example, the death of Herman Cain that was announced Wednesday. For those that don’t remember, he ran in 2012 as the “I would totally vote for a Black guy” candidate until he came out with criticism of the racist name of a property Texas mongoloid Rick Perry owned. Not long after, evidence of extramarital affairs popped up, and I’m convinced his wife made him drop out of the race

He’s remained a “but we’ve got a Black friend, so it’s okay if we say…” dude for the GOP and attended Trump’s return to public rallies back at the end of June. If you’ll recall, said rally’s attendance was pathetic and the hosting town, Tulsa, saw a spike in virus cases after it went through. Cain even boasted on Twitter about not wearing a mask.

I’m not here to dunk on Cain, really. At the very worst, he was just another Republican goofball and the idea that Black folks who’re Republicans are rarer than hen’s teeth is just silly. But his death should be an example that COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate, and as we’re seeing more and more young and healthy people catch the virus, we’re learning what some of the long-term effects of having it is. Friends and neighbors, it is not encouraging.

On top of this, we’re teetering on the brink of total economic collapse with a record number of unemployed and over 40 million people looking at possible eviction. Congress has gone home for the summer without passing another bill to help folks out, mainly because the GOP wanted to give a liability shield to schools and businesses on top of some truly ridiculous cash benefits to the military, including paying for a new FBI building.

Anyhow. Happy August. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and watch your ass.

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