Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Well, neighbors, it’s coming up on 9 a.m. here in Enon Holler and there’s really nothing in the news that’s yanking my chain as of yet. I may write about the battle in Congress about the upcoming stimulus bill, but I believe it needs some more airing out.

Tell you one thing, though, I’m not going to write about the wacky “demon seed/alien DNA” lady in Houston or how Trump and his followers are using it to complain the “truth about hydroxychloroquine” and its life-saving properties are being hidden from the public. I refuse to dignify it.

Nor am I going to write Trump boohooing that no one likes him or him walking off in a huff from his press conference because he couldn’t stand the heat. How anyone takes this dingbat seriously, I have no idea. If he weren’t the President of the United States of America, he’d be the punchline to a dull joke.

Twitter knocked out Trump Jr’s post cheerleading the Houston doctor and Madonna, for some reason, had a post up on Instagram about it before it was taken down. Of course, it’s already filtered down to the waterheads at Fox News that this is another example of how social media discriminates about conservatives. That’s bullshit, of course, but you can’t argue with a mule.

Anyhow. We’ll let the day marinate some and see if anything interesting pops up. Mississippi’s per capita deaths by COVID-19 number is inching slowly up. If things hold, it could be up there with New York and Texas. As it is, the country has over 152,000 deaths out of over 661,000 worldwide. So there’s that there then. Have a good one and we’ll check back in later.

Before I go, I simply must share this. Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert, known far and wide as the dumbest man in Congress, testing positive for COVID-19. This is after going without a mask, bragging about, and claiming he’d never wear one. The Ancient Greeks made a big deal about hubris being the worst of mankind’s sins. Might be something to that.

UPDATE: 7:52 p.m.

Well, the day’s almost over and nothing’s really lit my shorts on fire. The second coronavirus relief bill looks dead in the water, but there’s nothing surprising about that. Republicans want to give everything to big business and government boondoggles. Democrats want to do much the same, but slice off at least a sliver for us plebes. The virus continues along indomitably ravaging a country too arrogant to do anything concrete about. Here in Mississippi, we’re up to 1,500 deaths out of 55,000 cases.

That may not sound like a lot, but you have to remember the state has just under three million residents. I can’t find where I saw it, but we’re something like seventh in the country for cases per capita. As I’ve said over and over, the state’s medical system was already overloaded before COVID-19 hit and not the best in quality, at that. We’re still teetering on the edge of disaster, yet people expect to go back to school next month.

Okay, what else we got here. Oh, this nice. The Department of Homeland Security has said it will remove the bulk of its stormtroopers from Portland. Not all of them – still have to make sure those federal buildings are safe – but both acting DHS Gruppenführer Chad Wolfe and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced separately that they had come to a decision with some help from VP Mike Pence. Apparently, they didn’t tell the president, though, and Trump promised to “clean out” Portland if those naughty protestors didn’t behave.

Finally, remember last month when an off-duty LAPD claimed a Starbucks barista would risk their jobs, freedom, and probably lives by putting a tampon in his coffee, especially since whatever it was looked like no tampon anyone has ever used and even the ability to do so defied all reason and logic? Well, turns out it wasn’t a tampon and it wasn’t done to spite the cop. The LAPD said they investigated it and the barista “admitted” it was a bar cloth that had inadvertently fallen into the blender for the coffee. Sure.

So, once again, we see the police try to stir up sympathy and incite violence on a minimum wage worker by, at best, dreaming up the worst-case scenario for their consumables not being perfect because they can’t figure out why no one respects them, much less likes them. You’d think they’d at least do the investigating part before running to the media to cry about being oppressed by the service industry being meanies. A lot to ask from such delicate souls, I suppose.

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