Monday, July 27, 2020

I have a bit of Actual Paying Work to do tonight and, to be frank, my brain isn’t firing on all four cylinders. I’m not sure what the issue is, apart from not sleeping worth a damn lately, blasted machine or no. Plus, a quick perusal of Twitter and a glance at Google News shows me the world is still horrible and people still insist on being awful, and I just want to go back to bed and/or read about entropy. Anyhow.

For some silly reason, despite there being absolutely no evidence of the spread of and the destruction caused by COVID-19 slowing down or being mitigated in any way, we’re still convincing ourselves that this will be a Normal Fall, After All. One incredibly stupid way we’re insisting on doing this is in the area of professional sports. Major League Baseball “started” last week, or at least they played some games. Instead of letting fans in the stands, most games either had empty seats, cardboard pictures of fans, or digitally added crowds, all with fake cheers piped in. It was goddamn weird.

The Florida Marlins were supposed to have their home opener today against the Baltimore Oriels. However, that’s not happening because after wrapping a three-game series with Philly, the team had eight players and two coaches test positive for COVID-19. Under MLB rules, players who test positive for the virus must remain guaranteed and test negative twice within 24 hours. They must also show no signs of the illness for 72 hours and get a doctor’s note before returning to the field.

One wonders how this is going to pan out given the weird way COVID-19 acts once a person tests positive. Or how it acts in general, come to think of it, since we really don’t know a whole more about it than we did six months ago. Speaking of quarantine, the entire Rutgers football team and staff were put in over the weekend due to positive tests for the virus. They had six players test positive, which brought the total number up to 10 members of the team. Despite this, most of the NCAA is still looking to play some football this fall because college football might be eviler than the MLB since those players at least get paid. Maybe I’m just in a sour mood, but I tend to agree with our state’s health guru, Dr. Thomas Dobbs when he said “COVID-19 will let you know” if there will be sports or not.

In other sporting news, members of the Seattle Storm and New York Liberty WNBA teams walked off before the playing of the National Anthem in support of Black Lives Matter. They also held a 26-second moment of silence to honor Breonna Taylor, the EMT worker murder by dumbass cops with itchy trigger fingers and smooth brains earlier in the year. Said Liberty guard Layshia Clarendon:

We are dedicating this season to Breonna Taylor, an outstanding EMT who was murdered over 130 days ago in her home. Breonna Taylor was dedicated and committed to uplifting everyone around here.

NBA players are doing their part, as well, dedicating their post-game interviews to Taylor and calls for the arrests of her murderers. Philadelphia 76ers guard Tobias Harris has taken to answering every question lobbed at him by the sporting press – a wretched hive of scum and villainy if there ever was one – with “Justice for Breonna Taylor”. When pressed, he said, “That’s going to be my answer for every question,” and encouraged Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron to get off his ass and do something constructive in the case.

I guess that wraps up what became an all-sports edition of the News. I could say something about Trump refusing to throw out the first pitch at the Yankees-Boston game, but who really gives a damn? He got booed last year and claimed it was because he was so focused on the COVID-19 problem, yet had time to shoot 18 holes with former Green Bay quarterback and all-around shit Brett Farve. Me, I think he’s still chuffed about the Yankees and the Nationals kneeling at their opener last week during the National Anthem. Protesting racial injustice and police brutality tends to get up his nose, the miserable old fraud.

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