Wednesday, July 15, 2020

 Running late on this today, but you’re just going to have to deal with it. I had things to do and sometimes that’s just how it is. However, if you’re all-fired on having this done by a certain time, contributions to my Patreon would go a long way for the cause. Otherwise, patience is a virtue.

 Anyhow, let’s look at the News today. We really haven’t looked at the 2020 Presidential Campaign in any sort of detail lately, so let’s touch on that a bit. Frankly, it’s not looking great for Donald Trump. Between the cratering economy, the out-of-control epidemic he’s decided to ignore that the rest of us can’t, his blatantly bailing out cronies who get righteously busted by the law, that whole “Russia putting bounties on soldiers in Afghanistan” that’s he’s not even addressing, and his family’s weird obsession for average-tasting canned black beans, the boy’s not having a good month. Polls are showing Joe Biden with a decent lead nationwide, and in some generally solid Republican states, like Texas and Florida, his lead isn’t as strong as most would consider.

 This doesn’t mean Biden will win those states – or for that matter, Republican stalwarts like Mississippi or Arizona – but it doesn’t bode well. He’s shaking up his re-election staff, notably demoting former head Brad Parscale. Granted, that probably has as much a result of that flop of a rally in Tulsa last month as it does with the disastrous polling he’s been seeing lately. Guy named Bill Stephens will be taking the top spot while the high-living Parscale will be an “advisor,” but he probably won’t be quite as entertaining.

 One of the things that are scuttling his chances with everyone but the Base is just how poorly he’s handling the COVID-19 epidemic. His insistence that schools reopen come August is not playing well with voters, especially as the continued attacks on Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the few folks in the Administration the people trust. Honestly, I can’t figure that one out. Why is he so insistent public schools reopen? One can whip up any manner of conspiracy theories, especially when concentrated evil like Betsy DeVos is involved. However, I imagine it’s just something one of his advisors told him to emphasize and he runs with it. In any event, 65% of voters aren’t digging it, so I imagine it’ll fade well before school starts.

 Which is a serious issue, don’t get me wrong. It’s an on-going battle across the country. Some systems are flat out refusing while others are insisting teachers make out wills and colleges are getting professors to list who’d be good back-ups should they turn up sick. Athletics are another issue, and some schools have canceled the “less popular” sports. This comes as more national businesses are insisting customers mask up and more state and local municipalities are laying down fines for those who go without.

 Let’s see, what else before we wrap it up. Well, sticking with COVID-19 news, the White House is demanding that states send their data on the epidemic to the Department of Health & Human Services rather than the CDC. The difference is the former is directly answerable to the White House while the latter isn’t, despite the Trump toadie in charge of the office. The claim by the administration is that desperate times call for desperate measures, basically, but if you want to buy that, I’m not going to stop you.

 The other issue that demands attention is the Postmaster General – a guy named Louis Dejoy, whose main qualifications are being a big Trump donor – is working to slow down postal service just as everyone is looking to do more mail-in voting come November. Claiming that it’s for “efficiency,” Dejoy’s new rules are baring all overtime, full stop, even if offices are short-staffed and overwhelmed due to, say, an epidemic. He’s also calling for mail to be left in distribution centers if those centers “run late” rather than have carriers leave at a later time to make their rounds.

 Now, scuttling the US Postal Service has long been a goal of conservatives, and every time it’s been cut down – it used to be a financial center back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth – has been for the goal of shutting down a governmental service that works really, really well. Why, because fuck you, that’s why, which is generally when conservatives do anything. Again, Dejoy’s calling this streamlining and it’s just coincidence that it’s running concurrently with Trump’s brain-dead ranting against mail-in voting. Sure.

 Okay, so much for all that. There is your Wednesday, friends, and neighbors. Stay safe, wash your hands, wear a mask, and don’t be stupid. Your boss doesn’t really care about you and your landlord can charge someone else more rent once they kick you out.

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