The Weekend: July 11-12, 2020

 I’m going to do things a little different and list this week’s Gibberish like I list the News over there on Saturdays, if that makes any sense. Not exactly sure why, beyond I’m lazy and really not into fooling with this anymore than I have to.




 Really nothing all that interesting. Mostly just me moaning about how rotten I feel and how little I want to fool with writing. Which hasn’t gone away, honestly. I’m not sure where this mood comes from nor what even it is. Maybe it’s how I express the malaise we’re all feeling these days. Three months into an epidemic and the people who pull the strings have basically told us “get back to work and hope for the best” because not only do they not give two shits about us, they don’t give two shits about looking competent, either. It might not be so bad if we were so riddled with toadies and boot lickers who’re perfectly comfortable if your loved ones – or even their loved ones – catch COVID-19 so long as Father Trump’s feelings aren’t hurt.

 And the systematic racism and police brutality that can no longer be ignored or passed over, but the cops just getting nastier and more brutal while the system, well, ignores it and passes over it. Again, the toadies cheer the brutality and violence, claim it’s deserved and even encourage more. That’s how they think the world should work. They are fans of authoritarianism and oppressive government, especially when it’s done in their name and they don’t have to get their hands dirty. That one lady really gave the game away when she whined that Trump wasn’t hurting the people he was “supposed to be hurting”.

 I’m tired, y’all. Frankly, I don’t have the energy to even piss down the throats of the bargain basement fascists anymore. I’m glad I’m out in the boonies and don’t have to interact with society if I decide to close Twitter and Google News. Hate to think what I’d be like if I had to wade through the mess you poor bastards have to deal with. Worse I’ve got is a lack of access to weed and lingering self doubt because I can’t figure out how to monetize this mess.

 And now we’re looking at possibly up to 28 million people becoming homeless due to a looming eviction crisis caused by people not being able to work thanks to COVID-19. And what do the boot lickers say? “Hey, you chose to stay home. You could’ve gone to work, endangered your health and your family’s, for the pittance your boss pays you that goes directly to pay for the overpriced hovel you live in. Don’t like it? Don’t be born poor.”

 It strikes me that conservatives’ ideas of dealing with society’s problems are always based around a reality that doesn’t exist. Teenagers getting pregnant? They shouldn’t have sex. Not making enough money to feed your family? Get a better job. Can’t get a better job? Go to college. Can’t afford college or it doesn’t really help, just puts you further in debt? Look, poors, will you just shut up and die already.

 Well, that’s word count. I’m tired and this isn’t putting me in a better mood. So, I guess I better tie it off and hope tomorrow’s better. I will say, though, this funk isn’t affecting the News or the Actual Paying Work, so it doesn’t look like a case of writer’s block. Just buried alive in the blues, I suppose.


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