Friday, July 10, 2020

 It’s been a Dumb week. Too many people who’re Professionally Dumb have been allowed to be outwardly Dumb with little to no repercussions. Our Dumbness is getting us killed while our Dumb President continues to show how not only how Dumb he is but also how Dumb his party is willing to be to prop the Dumb bastard up. I don’t even know where to start.

 So let’s start with some good news, then. In a narrow 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of returning much of eastern Oklahoma, including part of Tulsa, to what was considered the Five Civilized Tribes, particularly the Muscogee (Creek) people. The decision, McGirt v. Oklahoma, basically said since that part of Oklahoma belonged to the tribes before Oklahoma became a state in 1907, it should remain theirs as the reservation was never disestablished. Besides just being decent to the Indigenous People of this country for a change, this ruling will have some wide-ranging implications once everything washes out.

 For one, it means the state has no jurisdiction when it comes to prosecuting crimes committed on this territory as it’s now considered federal land. This applies to Native Americans and only for certain serious crimes. Smaller crimes will be handled by tribal courts like is done in New Mexico, Montana, and Arizona. Tribes are also now exempt from state taxes and this could affect past convictions of Native Americans as questions of jurisdiction are now a thing.

 The Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma was “disappointed” in the ruling, but even not being really sure what they are, I am nevertheless comfortable in saying “screw them” from the get-go. Another brace of decided cases said that while Democrats and New York couldn’t subpoena Trump’s tax records as currently stated (and more importantly, before the November election), kicking it back down to lower courts for review, this didn’t mean he was immune to future subpoena like he’d wanted. He’s been trying like hell to keep folks off them and the Court basically said he will eventually have to give them up.

 This chapped his ass big time. He lit into one of his Twitter tantrums, claiming it wasn’t fair people were going after him and leaving his opponents alone, the big baby. What really set him off is two of his own appointees, Neil Gorsuch and Brett “Kegger” Kavanaugh, sided with the 7-2 ruling. Gorsuch was also the deciding vote in the Oklahoma case, and now, according to Lou Dobbs, the Supreme Court is part of the “Deep State”. One wonders how long it will be before everyone involved in American governance is part of the “Deep State” except for Trump, the big titty baby.

 Speaking of Oklahoma, there’s been a huge spike in COVID-19 cases there, particularly in Tulsa, that have been directly tied to the flop of a rally Trump held a couple of weeks back. Surprise, surprise. Indeed, the coronavirus novel that was supposed to have gone away by now is burning up the country, with states like California, Texas and Florida breaking case records on a daily basis. Indeed, it’s got to the point where the Texas GOP has cancelled its state convention and it’s only going to get worse.

 Closer to home, Mississippi is now fifth in the nation when it comes to coronavirus cases per capita. We’ve also seen in the past week where something like 19 members of the Mississippi Legislature were diagnosed with it after the session they held two weeks ago. So, well done there, Gov. Reeves. Thirteen counties, mostly around the Jackson area, are on higher restriction because the response to COVID-19 was so massively fumbled that five of the state’s largest hospitals’ ICU’s are already full before it even starts to get nasty as it will get. That means that not only is the ability to deal with the virus – the extent of which we still don’t know – is stretched thin, but if Mississippians find themselves having heart attacks, strokes or other emergencies, the beds for care may not be there. 

 Again, well done Gov. Reeves. Brilliant idea of yours to reopen the second the number of cases slowed down. We were down to 11 cases a day. Now we’re at 11 deaths a day. Good job all around, y’all who won’t wear the masks.

 For his part, Trump is dealing with the rolling ball of hell that is COVID-19 in the United States about like you’d figure. That is, he’s blaming everyone else he can and taking no responsibility. This includes flat-out lying about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recommendations, particularly about the mostly ineffective travel ban to China. The administration has also been silencing public health officials for reportedly – and this is just a beauty – talking too much about public health and “undermining him” because they showed concern about how COVID-19 might affect pregnant women. All this in the middle of a nearly insane push to get kids back into the classrooms come August and damn the consequences. This asshole, here.

 So much for all of that. The weekend’s here and it’s going to be hot as blazes. I forgot to mention this last month, but June marked one full year I’ve been doing this… whatever it is. Not in the current form, of course, but I have spent a whole year writing at least 500 words a day. Even though I can’t seem to shake out of this half-ass combination of Hunter Thompson, Will Rogers and I.F. Stone and do something that might be interesting, it has been fun.

 Really, that’s all that matters. I’m just here for a good time, man.


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