Wednesday, July 8, 2020

 I’m going to be honest with you, neighbors. Part of me thinks I ought to wait until this evening to do today’s News, even though I have some Actual Paying Work to finish up and my brain’s not cloudy at the moment. I’ll be frank, we’re in the middle of a pretty damn dull spot. Maybe I better enjoy it, I guess.

 Oh, there’s stuff going on, to be sure. I just can’t be too arsed to get all that worked up about it, mainly because most of it’s pretty damn stupid. Take this Harper’s letter, for instance. Best I can gather it’s spurred on mostly by the guy who let Tom Cotton write an editorial for The New York Times that called on the U.S. military to put those dratted protesters in their place plus a smidgen of J.K. Rowling catching holy hell for being a transphobic butthole. Anyhow, it’s a list of names – including Salman Rushdie, Margaret Atwood, Steven Pinker, and for some reason Wynton Marsalis – signing this hand-wringer of a letter getting all worked up over “cancel culture,” and oh my God, I’m already bored with the whole thing.

 Maybe it’s a failing on my part, but I simply cannot get worked up about the concept of “cancel culture” in general nor this group of comfortable writers, musicians, and whatever the hell Malcolm Gladwell does are convinced that the criticism  they might get over penning a column calling for the violent repression of the exercise of First Amendment rights or doubling down  on being a bigoted pill is just shy of complete and total artistic repression by the government, 1984 style. I am skeptical. Granted, Rushdie has a fatwa on him by some fundamentalist dingbats and one can understand his concern, but otherwise it’s not like Rowling’s going to have to give all that money back she made from those books.

 Hey, I’m all for freedom of expression. I’m going to call the President of the United States of America a vapid, low-rent conman right here just because I can. But perspective, people. Being told you’re full of shit by the “little people” isn’t the end of the world, particularly when Oglala Sioux activists are facing stiff penalties stemming from protesting Trump’s Fourth of July volksgemeinschaft at Mount Rushmore because we can’t stop being shitty to the Indigenous tribes of this country for one single second.

 And even though I’ve spent 300 words yapping about it, it’s simply not news. Neither is Tucker Carlson’s being a dick to Tammy Duckworth about her “hating America”. I’m not one to wave anyone’s bloody shirt for them, much less classify patriotism by how willing we are as a country to kill brown people who haven’t done shit to us, but this is all a load of nonsense. For one, after John Kerry and the purple Band-Aids back in 2004, anyone who’s shocked that the GOP’s support of the troops is extremely conditional has no one but themselves to blame. But the real clincher is that Tucker Carlson‘s thick as whale shit.

 You may have noticed I don’t waste much time on “pundits” here or at the Gibberish, for that matter. It’s because they’re a waste of time. Most of them, especially right wing ones, have they’re positions either because they’re willing to say the most awful offensive shit imaginable, some old man at Fox Corp. wants to have sex with them, or both. They bring nothing new or interesting or elucidating to the conversation, and they change like a raging river’s bank. Too many of them have gone straight from doxxing gay students on campus

 Carlson, in particular, is low-hanging fruit who’s only back in the public eye after his thumping from Jon Stewart in 2004 because of Dancing With The Stars. He’s popular with the wingnuts because he puts a respectable face on white nationalism but he’s got nothing under the hood except for control over the microphone.

 Gah! None of this is news, dammit. None of this is really important. Even Carlson screaming for debate is irrelevant, because neither he nor no one who watches him will budge in the slightest no matter how good Sen. Duckworth makes her case. What else is there. Oh, hell, Kelly Loeffler. Instead of keeping her damn mouth shut and being grateful she wasn’t put up under the jail for egregious insider trading and general awfulness, she’s being a shit ass to the players of the Atlanta Dream, the WNBA team she co-owns. Seems she’s trying to ban social justice messages, particularly anything insinuating that Black lives matter, on their warm-up jerseys. For their side, her players and, it seems, the league is telling her to get bent.

 I never will understand why the disgustingly wealthy, especially those who’ve made their fortune via stock chicanery, can’t just enjoy never having to worry about anything ever again and leave the rest of us alone. Speaking of rich jackasses who never read the room, Trump’s latest blert is his ongoing insistence that schools have to reopen in August despite the current spike in COVID-19 cases, particularly among children. He’s even threatening to withhold funds from schools that chose not to subject their students, faculty, staff, parents, siblings and anyone else who’d come in contact with a kid because fuck them kids, that’s why. This comes on the heels of ICE warning foreign students on a visa they’d better leave the country if their college classes do remote learning for the upcoming semester. With those boys, cruelty is always the point, the more unnecessary the better.

 Okay for that. Maybe something interesting will happen before the day’s out. Maybe it won’t. I will admit that the lull in the Chaos is nice even if it’s been replaced with pure, uncut Dumb. It’s been a rough couple of months on all of us, friends and neighbors, and it’s not going to let up anytime soon.


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