Monday, July 6, 2020

 I’m not going to sit here and lie about it, friends and neighbors.  I did it again. I woke up this morning, took a look at the world, and decided quickly that it wasn’t worth worrying with. So I put this off when I really should have knocked it out, as I have some Actual Paying Work to get done.

 And the reason for my fleeing from society like a Georgia senator runs from an ethics committee? This. Our President, the man who’s supposed to safekeeping and guarding the country, the entire country, and its citizens, not just the ones who voted for him and worship him, took this worldwide communication platform, this wonder of modern technology, and used to go after a private citizen to accuse him of creating a hoax, all in the name of stirring up anger over one of the few things that had died down during these Interesting Times.

 Yeah, diagram that sentence, bubba. Hell, yeah.

 Let’s backtrack a bit and make sure we’re all on the same page. A few weeks back – though it seems like years ago now – some NASCAR official reported that they had found a noose hanging in driver Bubba Wallace‘s garage. Wallace himself hadn’t reported it and wasn’t making a deal out of it. However, since he’d recently voiced support for Black Lives Matter, he had gotten some threats from the racist peckerwoods that infest these lands. NASCAR and the drivers showed him much love and support, right on up to the King himself, Richard Petty.

 It should be noted that Wallace is the first Black race-car driver of any import since Wendell Scott blazed the trail back in the ’60s. There’s been something like 47 serious races that included Black drivers, and Bubba makes for 40 of them. Anyhow, the FBI investigated this and decided the noose had been there since sometime last year, before, as it turns out, Wallace was assigned that garage. Throwing another wrinkle into the story, NASCAR had recently banned the Segregationist flag from official events because everyone’s tired of this shit.

 Now. For his part, Wallace wasn’t down with the idea that finding a noose in a Black driver’s garage was just a coincidence, especially when something similar was not found in anyone else’s garage nor was a noose the best knot for this purpose. However, he and most folks more or less moved on, probably since there were more important things to worry about. NASCAR did not punish Wallace for there was no reason to punish him, and his fellow drivers still had his back.

 So, of course, trying to rally his floundering re-election desires and deciding he needs to concentrate on the extreme racists that make up the Base, Trump started the morning declaring Wallace should “apologize” and NASCAR’s ratings were down. The former’s just stupid, but that’s not unusual with this dipstick, and the latter’s a lie, which really isn’t, either.

 This comes on the heels of this asshole sticking his coke-ravaged nose into the recurring debate into changing the Washington Racistname’s team name to something a little less racist. For a football team that’s spent the last couple of years in the basement, I’d think they’d want all the good will they could muster. Still, Trump’s dumb ass threw his hat in with the whole “it’s honoring ‘Indians'” (yes, he said “Indians,” the prick) and made his familiar racist jib at Elizabeth Warren.

 This isn’t as weird as his sudden love for the flag beloved by the Klan and Southerners who haven’t gotten over Black people being “allowed” to vote or the participation trophies to Confederate generals, though. Check out some of the videos of him trying to argue his casinos deserve the same breaks as those owned by Indigenous Tribes. For one, it shows he’s always been a dumb bastard when put on the spot and a whiny little shit whenever questioned. Secondly, he goes to straight racism after the first question. Fuck that guy.

 I don’t know, man. Do you blame me for shutting down and ignoring the world? Look, don’t get it twisted. I agree with I.F. Stone’s dictum that all governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed. I’ll go you one better. Every President of the United States of America, at least in my lifetime, has innocent blood on their hands and better hope that if there is Divine Retribution for one’s sins here on Earth, the Lord is not a vengeful one. Yes, even Democratic ones. Probably especially them. I’m convinced the reason Jimmy Carter’s spent the last 40 years building houses for the poor is so he won’t get eternity in the Lake of Fire for his sins.

 And before you get too snooty, we’re all complicit as well. If you’re an American citizen, you’re just as guilty and to pretend otherwise is to help make sure nothing changes. With that in mind, I am not the type of guy who thinks the office of the President is one of honor and Trump’s fouling the name. Nah, son, I ain’t the one. That being said, that a sitting President is using his position to attack a private citizen to rile up his racist base is fucking terrifying.

 Okay, then. I can’t do it anymore. There’s plenty to talk about, especially given the U.S. government has basically decided “deal with it, plebes” will be the Administration’s official stance on COVID-19’s ongoing impact on the country. Trump’s tweeting that schools “must open” in August despite the huge spike in cases involving Florida children. Indeed, the city of Chicago now requires residents of a number of states, including Mississippi, to quarantine for 14 days. Good job, Mr. President. Well done, Gov. Tate Reeves. Plus the revelation that far too much money from the Payback Protection Program, designed to help small companies survive during the epidemic shutdown, went to Kanye West, Hollywood production companies, companies owned by First Pencil-Necked Geek Jared Kushner, and corporate entities owned by close Trump supporters. Because fuck you, that’s why.

 But let’s leave on some good news. After a couple years of struggle, a federal government sided with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and ordered the Dakota Access pipeline shutdown over environmental concerns. This comes along with the Supreme Court sticking the final knife into the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project, particularly the Keystone XL pipeline which was one of the few things Trump managed to accomplish. 

 You take what you can get. Fuck the President. He is a shitty human being and his followers are garbage. He doesn’t deserve your respect. He deserves a swift kick in the balls and nothing else.


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