The Weekend: July 4 & July 5, 2020

 Since I forgot about giving links to the News when I wrote yesterday’s Gibberish and didn’t think about it until I woke up this morning, let’s go ahead and get the links to this week’s Gibberish before we get too deep into it. Tuesday was sort of a stream-of-conscious thing about why you should Trust Me when it comes to giving the news ’cause I ain’t going to put the shuck on you.

 Thursday was a bit more of a drag, mainly an attempt to fill up the White Space with that day’s offering. Saturday, though, I got a little dark, spinning off from Friday’s dreary News piece. I’m not in that black a mood this morning, but I stand by it. That’s pretty much the song always playing in my head, I just don’t always sing it in a minor key.

 But it’s Sunday morning and the sun is bright in the sky. I’ve already taken a constitutional with my buddy Otis, the Jack Russell, and although he’s not convinced it’s too hot to go out again, I’m looking forward to yet another day of sitting in the cool darkness just reading. As my baby cousin said, “Matthew, you were made for social distancing.”

 Yes, indeed. I’ve said it before, friends and neighbors, and I’ll say it again: I feel for y’all who still have to be active participants in this mean old world. I can sit on my little hill in Enon Holler in the wilds of Mississippi and thanks to the wonders of the internet can watch the world go by and digitally scribble my little missives to play Journalist.

 You poor bastards have to actually live in it. And y’all with kids? Man, I really don’t know what you were thinking. We’ve poisoned the waters, fouled the air, sex can still kill you, and it’s only a matter of time before some gun-toting, right-wing dingbat decides to open fire on a group he thinks is protesting America but in actually lining up for the next Marvel movie. Or he might just shoot up a movie theater because why not. That’s just life in Modern America.

 Kanye West has announced he’s going to run for president. He’s not filed with the FEC or anything, just tweeted. I’m old enough to remember Kid Rock running for Senate as well as Hulk Hogan announcing a run for the 2000 election. I’ve got no dog in this hunt and I’ll believe it when he files papers. Frankly, I haven’t paid any attention to Ye since 808s & Heartbreak.

 Ah, me. Grim thoughts. Exhaustion. Apathy. Tremulous thoughts. Could be worse, I guess. My brain is slowing down and I’m not inclined to dig too deep into Google News to find something interesting. As a card-carrying member of the Radical Left, I have no fear of Trump’s threats or the quivering, moist threats by the Base just waiting for the “green light”. Bring it, I say. Let’s get this over with.

 Or are you all talk?

 Now, now. Let’s all remain calm. Be cool. There’s no reason to incite the beast or poke a hornet’s nest. Don’t start now shit, won’t be no shit. That is a maxim I’ve lived by for the past few years and it has served me well.

 At the end of the day, all we want is peace, quiet and maybe a couple of good nugs. Of course, that’s not happening, so we’ll probably fool around more with Wasteland 2 this evening. Got a little better grasp on how the game works, so I’ve started over. If I was able to stick to one game, I’d be hell on wheels.

 So that’s enough. I need a nap and it’s too hot to go outside. Keep it cool, friends and neighbors, it’s only going to get weirder and scarier from here.


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