Wednesday, July 1, 2020

 Well, a new month starts today. Let’s see what fresh hell it brings. And since it’s July, it means we’re past the halfway mark. There’s only six more months left to go in 2020. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

 Anyhow, we have work to do so let’s get to it. It’s been a hectic week so far and we’re still reeling from a very active weekend. Gov. Tate Reeves signed the bill that officially sets the stage for a change in the state flag. While he had to play the conservative victim to keep the rubes happy, whining that it was “in fashion to hate our country” and that Mississippi didn’t care what the 21st century thought, he signed the damn thing anyway. While we may not be concerned with the rest of the country, we were definitely sweating the dirty looks from the SEC, C-USA, and the NCAA. Now we’re moving on to finally repealing prohibition statewide. Next thing you know, we’ll legalize dancing and stores being open on Sunday.

 On a personal note, I do wonder how this will affect the referendum on decriminalizing marijuana that we’re supposed to vote on come November. Truth be told, I still don’t see it happening on the first go but I am a cynic about such things. Well, about everything, but regardless that will be a tough nut to crack. While we are in the midst of a Thing, I don’t see it being that fierce.

 On the national front, it has not been a good week for the Blind Idiot God. What was scoffed at and denied when first announced this weekend, the White House has moved onto different excuses for why the whole bounty thing happened on Trump’s watch with him apparently letting it happen. Blonde homunculus Kayleigh McEnay has tried everything from rogue intelligence agents to claiming most other presidents really didn’t read their daily briefing, how silly. For his part, Trump’s still caterwauling about the lügenpresse and playing the victim.

 At the same time, he’s being really weird about Confederate statues and military bases named after Confederate generals. This year’s defense budget calls for around $700 billion for a military that already has too many toys, but the weird bastard is vowing to veto it unless they promise to leave that Brittany alone. This comes on the heels of him retweeting and then deleting some geriatric peckerwoods yelling “White Power” at protesters and that weird couple in Saint Louis who showed the world not only how bad black people scared them, but how poorly they knew how to handle firearms.

 Best I can figure is he’s realized or, more likely, been told that thanks to the fumbling of the COVID-19 epidemic and cratering economy, his support is down to the true believers of the Base. Therefore, he’s trying to keep them riled up and terrified of  men of dusky hue staring luridly at their women while insisting Joe Biden’s elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. The latter takes some gall, but the fact remains his re-election chances are looking tepid. In some places, Biden leads by 10 points and he’s in statistical ties in states like Florida and Texas. There’s still a political lifetime between now and November 3, but I imagine it’s still chafing him something fierce.

 Wrapping up, it seems the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or “CHAZ” in Seattle is being shut down by royal decree. There have been a couple of shootings by person(s) unknown, which isn’t good, and apparently people have been throwing rocks at the police, which I’m not going to comment on. I don’t know if we can call this experiment a failure, as folks are declaring they’ll come back, but it does seem to be ending on an acrimonious note. Once again it appears that city officials and law enforcement consider listening to their citizens a bridge too far.

 And honestly, I don’t want to talk about Elijah McCain’s murder. Another black man was killed by overzealous thugs wearing badges who applied not one, but two carotid choke holds on him for the dreadful crime of “wearing a hoodie” and “waving his arms,” which is apparently suspicious enough to warrant his death. The cops in question were investigated by Aurora, CO, officials and found to have done nothing wrong, naturally. The FBI’s supposed to be looking into, so yeah.

 Much has been said about how sweet this cat was. Always smiling, he was a self-taught violinist who played for cats. The video – and yes, there is video – shows him telling the cops he’s harmless and not resisting and that he can’t breathe, but it also shows them not giving a tin shit about his health or safety or even reasonable enforcement of the law.

 George Floyd’s drug use has been brought up. Rayshard Brooks criminal record was used against him. Ahmaud Arbery committed the heinous crime of looking into a partially built house. Elijah McCain, like Breonna Taylor, just shows it doesn’t matter how “respectable” a black person is or how much they work with the police or how nonthreatening they try to make themselves, no, black lives do not matter to Authority.

And they wonder why no one likes them.


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