Friday, June 26, 2020

 I’m not going to sit here and lie about it. The main reason this didn’t get done this morning is I stayed up too late playing a game and couldn’t get my brain in gear this morning. For the record, it’s Wasteland 2, a sequel to the ’90s classic. You like early Fallout, you’ll like this.

But the main reason is I wanted to let the news of the day marinate and see what cooked up. Sometimes you have to do that. Journalism is not always a speedy process and often the biggest stumbles in the field come from reporters and editors who step on their dicks trying to get the story out before everyone else. Sometimes you have to bite off a big chunk and just chew on it for a while.

 We as a culture hate that. Patience is antithetical to the American Psyche. We must have it now, we must have it large, and we must have a lot of it. We cannot wait. To wait is to be unAmerican in the extreme.

 Well… maybe. If that’s so, then it’s come around to bite us in the ass big time. For the first time in almost two months – good gravy, has it been that long? – the White House’s task force on COVID-19 held a press conference today. I don’t know why they decided two months ago to stop doing them. Probably because the silly things gave the President far too many opportunities to show the country just how unfit he is to run a Subway in a small town, much less an entire country.

 I do know why they gave it, though, and I know why the Administration sent that hapless dingbat Mike Pence to tackle with America’s truth troops. The epidemic that we’ve all spent the last two months pretending we’ve had whipped and defeated has come storming back this week, shattering previous records from state to state. We’re up to 2.5 million cases in the country with over 127,000 deaths. Experts say it’s entirely possible that we could reach 200,000 by October.

 Think about that. Nine-Eleven brought this country to a standstill and forever altered how we look at ourselves, our country, our society, and our freedom. You children who weren’t born – and we’ve got soldiers serving in Afghanistan who weren’t even on the planet when those planes hit the Twin Towers – simply do not understand what the world was like before then. I wonder if this is similar, like the Stock Market Crash or the Nuclear Bombs Dropping or the Assassinations of JFK/RFK/MLK in the ’60s. I wonder if this is a Line in the Sand, between Now and a Then we’ll never see again.

 What’s perhaps the most unsettling aspect of this new wave (or is it?) of COVID-19 cases is that they’re not taking place in the decadent overcrowded cities. Indeed no. New York City, which still accounts for the bulk of cases, has leveled off and saw some over decreases in diagnoses. It’s happening in the Red States, particularly in the South. ER’s and hospital beds are filling up with no let up in sight, and doctors are worrying what’s going to happen when they reach their limit and someone, say, has a heart attack or a bad accident. Where will we put them?

 Here in Mississippi, we’re at 24,000 cases and over a thousand deaths. Places that had initiated reopening are having to backpedal as more people get sick. Florida’s fool of a governor Ron DeSantis was bragging on how well the Sunshine State was doing, and now it turns out that letting Spring Break go on really wasn’t a good idea. Like Texas,  they’re scrambling to slow the process to save lives while their knucklehead base are still claiming wearing a face covering is tantamount to the worst tyranny imaginable.

 It was kind of sad to see Pence try to put a positive spin on the Administration’s pathetic efforts to pretend to deal with issue, but he’s an awful human being, so fuck him. And where was the President, the master deal-maker who claimed to be “the only one” capable of “fixing things”?

 He was still sulking over the pathetic, apathetic turnout to the return to his volksgemeinschaft in Tulsa last week, wallowing in misery over his cratering poll numbers against Joe Biden, and feeling sorry for himself. Always the victim, our boy Donald, never one to take responsibility for his own foul ups.

Worse, he’s trying to salt the ground on his way out. He’s already placed over 200 barely competent wingnut geeks to federal judges positions across the country on top of fouling international standing and demoralizing the civil service, the backbone of the United States government. He’s claimed he’s signed an Executive Order to make destroying statues of dead generals “domestic terrorism” because that doesn’t look like fascism at all.

 Worse he’s haranguing the Supreme Court to strike down the Affordable Care Act, robbing around 20 million of our neighbors of health care right in the middle of a killer epidemic that we still don’t understand, because fuck you, America, that’s why. You didn’t love Trump enough and now he’s going to piss down your throat while the last remnants of the burbling idiots that think he’s the New Messiahs arm themselves for bear, muttering dark threats all the way, once the 2020 election is “stolen” from him.

 Look, y’all. I really don’t care who you vote for or if indeed you do vote. I just have to survive 30 or so more years on this planet at the most, and if y’all want to turn this country into the worst trailer park of a nation on the planet because you’re “too pure” to vote for Biden, knock your fool selves out. All I’m saying is you don’t have to vote for Biden, but you really should vote against Trump.

 And yes, you are just as culpable if you don’t. Deal with it. That shit won’t fly anymore.


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