Wednesday, June 24, 2020

 Well, I’m up so we might as well knock this out. I came through the other end this morning, though. Went to sleep around midnight, woke up about 3:30 a.m. Hell, I don’t understand it, either.

 Anyhow, the News. We’re still basically treading water from the last couple of days. In a twist I still don’t quite understand, the “noose” found on NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage was found by the FBI to not be a racist threat but a part of the door opening mechanism. Okay? From what I gather, Wallace wasn’t the one who reported it, it was one of his team. Of course, racist peckerwoods are using this as an excuse to instantly dismiss all accusations of racism because Jussie Smollett, but it’s not like they were onboard the anti-racism train in the first place.

 Still, if nothing else – and why someone would use a hangman’s noose for a door tie I don’t know – it shows how jumpy everyone is these days. And with good reason. There has been a spate of nooses just hung up around the country as well as a number of young Black men found hanging from trees. The police have ruled them suicides and the family of at least one of those men have agreed with that verdict. Others aren’t so sure and are calling for more investigations. It’s a very loaded issue and this is a very turbulent time, and we really don’t have much reason to give the police the benefit of the doubt in these matters. Either way, it bears watching and even if it’s a string of suicides, a bunch of Black guys deciding to hang themselves like that is a sign of something foul.

 In lighter news, remember whole Shake Shack thing, where a bunch of New York PD fuzz got sick at the burger joint and their brass jumped on the “someone tried to poison the cops”? Well, that turned out to be horsefeathers and, turns out, it was less the actual milkshake-drinking cops themselves and more their superiors who were looking for sympathy at the expense of some minimum wage workers’ livelihood and safety.

 Now some Los Angeles cop is claiming a Starbucks worker in a Target slipped a tampon into his frappuccino while he was off-duty. The claim is the worker knew he was a copy because of his debit card. It’s all pretty fishy. For one, the supposed tampon looks goddamn huge and I know most of us dudes are terrified to even acknowledge such things but trust me, it’s too damn big. Secondly, and I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a Starbucks, but they make your order right there in the open. It’d been a trick for the barista to slip out the tampon and insert it into the cop’s drink.

 That all being said, cops do seem prone to being complete buttholes about tampons. These stories are a little old but goddamn, that’s just being awful for no reason. Fellow menfolk, are y’all really that uneducated about how your ladyfriend’s sanitary issues work? Is it that hard to ask? We have the internet. You can Google this if you don’t want to ask, you know.

 Moving on, we’re seeing the second largest number of reported cases of COVID-19 as apparently two-and-a-half months of half-assing the “social distancing” thing didn’t make the nut. Dr. Anthony Fauci – remember him? Been a while – testified before Congress yesterday and noted there was a disturbing trend of rising cases across the country, particularly in less rural areas. Places that were hit the hardest initially like New York City are seeing a decline, but are on the rise in 26 of the states across the union. After plateauing at around 20,000 cases a day, we’re back up to 30,000 a day, Dr. Fauci said.

 Worrisome indeed. Close to home – my home, anyway – Mississippi is seeing the largest number yet of hospitalizations due to COVID-19, to almost 480 a week on average. We’re up to almost 23,000 cases and just shy of 1,000 deaths, and the hospital system even on it’s best day is underfunded, understaffed and obsolete. On a brighter note, Dr. Fauci said he’s confident we’ll have a vaccine by the end of the year and I don’t know about you, neighbors, but he’s still the only voice out of the White House worth trusting, I think.

 Okay, that’s good I think. I could mention Trump’s rally in Phoenix yesterday where he spent yet another hour or so blithering to the barking howler monkeys, but I really don’t care and they’re really not important and, goddamn, he’s embarrassingly stupid. At this point, you’re either on board  or not. In any event, have a pleasant rest of the day and drop me a nickel or two if you get the notion.


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