Monday, June 22, 2020

 Okay. Well.

 Look, I’m not going to put the shuck on you. For whatever reason, maybe because I’d felt crappy all weekend, I pretty much shut down today. I spent most of it in a cool, darkened room reading and completely ignoring the outside world. I really haven’t paid much attention to the news today and, on top of that, I have some Actual Paying Work to get done before the morning.

 So we’re just going to open up Google News and go from there. Says here two more Trump aides tested positive for COVID-19 after Trump’s dead thump of a rally Saturday night in Tulsa. That brings the total up to eight, I believe. Now, I didn’t watch the rally, of course, but I’m told that Trump was barely coherent and for a country dealing with not only a pandemic but also a populace outraged by never-ending police brutality and institutionalized racism, he spent one out of every eight minutes proving he could drink water and walk down steps.

 Something over a million people streamed it, which is something. What’s also something that Trump’s long-awaited return to volksgemeinschaft drew less than 7,000 people to fill a 19,000-seat venue. Campaign manager and general sleazeball Brad Parscale spent the week leading up to it bragging about how many tickets “sold” and they’d even set up outside stages to deal with the overflow. They were not needed and the scuttlebutt going ’round is both Parscale and first son-in-law Jared Kushner are in it deep with the boss.

 A lot of talk is going into why the usually rabid, screaming Trump Base failed to show up to the first rally in months in the middle of red-state Oklahoma. No doubt much of it had something to do with the not-at-all-taken-care-off COVID-19 pandemic, despite what the administration and right-wing water carriers want us to believe. But apparently, much of it was due to online shenanigans by “K-Pop stans” using something called “TikTok”. I jest and I know what those words mean, but I swear I never felt older typing anything out.

 He’s holding another one of these things tomorrow night in Phoenix, Arizona, which is dealing with it’s own COVID-19 spike, but talks are going on to change the format. That being said, we’re seeing all the boosh-wah being spread about the pandemic has been just that. Cases are snowballing and hospitals are filling up while the argument that only the elderly are at danger is proving increasingly wrong and short-sighted. The administration’s pretty much quit even pretending to care.

 Closer to home, the flag debate is still big in Mississippi. Things got serious when the SEC and NCAA said no more championship games or tournaments would be held here until we got rid of the flag. Now, Conference USA, which handles college baseball, announced no more tourneys would be held here until the damn flag didn’t have a racist symbol on it. This is probably a much bigger deal, since Mississippi State’s a perennial powerhouse in college baseball and the state’s hosted 11 tournaments since 1996.

 And speaking of the Bulldogs, one of their key running backs is putting screws down. Kylen Hill, a senior and all-SEC player, has said he won’t play for MSU unless the flag gets changed and, no, a “two-flag solution” won’t make the nut. Right now, the Legislature is backing-and-forth on just how to change the flag, either by legislative action or voter referendum. We tried that back in 2001, and keeping the flag won 3-1. These are different days, though, so if this does make the ballot come November, we might surprise everyone.

 Personally, I don’t care. Change the flag, it’s a racist symbol, why are we still arguing this in 2020, that sort of thing. I do wonder how this will affect, if at all, the proposed referendum to decriminalize marijuana. Either way, I’m not sanguine. Then again, when it comes to politics when the vox populi brought into it, I rarely am. Okay, we’ve hit the word limit. I’ve got work that pays, but if you’re feeling generous, I do have a Patreon.


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