The Weekend: June 20-21, 2020

 I have felt off all day. Not exactly sick, but definitely uncomfortable. I took a longer-than-usual nap and feel a bit better, but I ain’t going to sit here and lie about it. I put this off most of the day and it’s past 8 p.m. Before we wade into it, some links from this week’s Gibberish.

 Tuesday and Thursday were basically commentaries on the on-going protests against police violence and lack of accountability going on around the country. I’m proud to see they’re still going on and getting the Powers That Be to pay a little closer attention than usual. Saturday was kind of weird, more of a reflection of where my headspace is these days and a rumination on whether or not leaving Gainesville 20 years ago was the first real big mistake I’d made that didn’t involve a woman somehow or another.

 I’ve got plenty of Actual Paying Work coming my way next week and the Chief wants to lay something new on me due tomorrow. That’s fine. I’m saving up for a new laptop. I’ve been using a MacBook Pro since 2012, and the only real complaint I have is that the hard drive is crapping out. I’ve let it go long enough that it’s less a hassle to buy a new one than to get this one fixed. Otherwise, it was pretty much flawless and I highly recommend one to anyone who needs a solid, dependable, worry-free workhorse laptop for writing or business purposes. There you go, Apple, free advertising.

 However, since I’ve gotten back into gaming since buying Old Faithful, a Mac just won’t make the nut anymore. So I want something I can legitimately game on that  is still useful for writing and surfing the news, which is about all I do anyway. Right now, this is what I’m looking at. I’ve had an ASUS laptop before and don’t think I cared for it, if memory serves. However, I let a gamer pick it out for me so his perceptions might’ve been skewered.

 In any event, anything that’s comparable is still going to cost around $1,200 before all is said and done. I’m about halfway and should have enough come the end of July. I might be able to spend more time with my varmints outside once it cools off, too. Plus, I’m going to need something that gets the job done if I decide to travel again once the specter of COVID-19 has left the land, if indeed it ever does.

 I don’t know what else is there I feel like getting into.  I’ve spent the last 45 minutes reading about Earl Thomas Conley, which is fine because he’s a favorite. That being said, I’m not sure if I knew he’d died last year or not. Probably did, but I really don’t pay attention to the turning of the Earth like I should anymore. Anyhow, ETC’s great. “Thinking man’s country.” Story goes he’d Zen meditation to write country hits. Hell, yeah. I know late ’70s/early ’80s country – Urban Cowboy – isn’t the most respected by either hipsters or mainstream fans, but I still say it’s the best. “Somewhere Between Right And Wrong” is about falling for your “friends with benefits,” tell me that isn’t great.

 Anyhow, I guess that’s enough. I’ll save the News for tomorrow. Really, it’d mostly be about dunking on pathetic Trump’s return to rallies came off yesterday, and that’s already boring. Interesting that whoever is in control of him kept him away from his phone today. He’s got another scheduled for Tuesday in Phoenix at a church that had no idea he was supposed to be the reason for the event and doesn’t seem that tickled about it. Arizona is one of the states dealing with a fairly severe COVID-19 spike, so this should be fun to watch.

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