Wednesday, June 17, 2020

 I’ve got some Actual Paying Work to get through tonight and since I already know what we’re going to look at today, we might as well knock it out. I will, however, use this opportunity to once again mention I now have a Patreon page where you can give me money if you so desire. And why not?

 We dug into this a bit on Friday, but the push to remove the familiar Confederate emblem from the Mississippi state flag is moving quicker than we thought. As we noted the other day, this isn’t the first time an attempt was made to remove that unquestionably racist symbol off the flag that’s supposed to represent all Mississippians – a state with the highest ratio of black folks to white folks in the country, mind – since it went up in 1894. There was an attempt made in 2001 and it failed three-to-one pretty much across every categorical line you could imagine.

 But as has been noted, we’re definitely in the middle of a “thing” in the country when it comes to how we’ve been treating out African American citizens, in re: the law and enforcement thereof. It’s been compared to what went on during the Civil Rights movement of the late ’60s by folks who’re undoubtedly qualified to speak on such.

 In any event, the latest poll taken on the matter showed 46% of folks asked are in favor of keeping the current vexillological status quo. Those for change poll around 44.9%, which is basically a statistical tie. This is a fairly significant change from a 2017 poll where keeping the flag won out 49-41 and a hell of a jump from the 2001 vote that won with 64% of the vote.

 Interestingly, and I did not know this, some municipalities in the Magnolia State have already ditched flying the state flag. Apparently, the city of Jackson ditched a while ago. This is the state capitol, mind, so you’ll still see it there on state buildings but not municipal ones. This all sprung up after the Charleston, South Carolina, church shootings by a pencil-necked geek who posed with the Confederate flag. Up until yesterday Oxford, Hattiesburg, Grenada, Magnolia and Vicksburg. Columbus voted to get rid of it yesterday, bring the number to an even six, and the city council of Gulfport is on the way.

 As an aside, this list is interesting. Hattiesburg and Oxford are college towns (Southern Miss and Ole Miss, respectively) and arguably Hattiesburg is the most “hipster weird” place in the state. Vicksburg is, of course, steeped in Confederate history and was pretty much where the Union won the Western theater. Grenada’s about an hour south of Oxford and has a lot of history from the Civil Rights era. Magnolia’s a nice town but there isn’t much to it, except my ex is from there and Snoop Dogg’s grandma lived there.

 As for Columbus, well, as I’ve said before, it’s an interesting town. The Air Force has a base there as is the MUW and the Math and Science school. It’s also dealing with a fairly serious crime problem and a county commission that barely gives a shit. Indeed, the Lowndes County supervisors voted pretty much down racial lines 3-2 to keep a Confederate monument where it was. Bad enough, but one of the supervisors, one Harry Sanders, pulled the hood right off and showed his whole ass. Take a look at what he said in an official county meeting where a substantial portion of the popular felt a monument to guys who fought to keep slavery was, at best, tacky.

“The only ones that are having problems: Guess who? The African Americans. You know why? In my opinion, they were slaves. And because of that, they didn’t have to go out and earn any money, they didn’t have to do anything. Whoever owned them took care of them, fed them, clothed them, worked them. They became dependent, and that dependency is still there. The Democrats right here who depend on the black vote to get elected, they make them dependent on them.”

 I know, right? Not only is this goober showing his inherent racism and historical ignorance along with completely missing why African American don’t vote for Republicans, he’s showing the world he’s never read any William Faulkner, Mississippi’s finest contribution to world art apart from Muddy Waters. When questioned, Sanders stuck to his guns, claiming it was what he thought and doesn’t intend to step down. I mean, he’s a racist, loud and proud, so I don’t know why he’d deny it.

 Really, his scrambling afterwards is some of the most pitiful “how dare you call me a racist” flapdoodle I’ve seen in the past day or so, and that’s because it’s indistinguishable from every other cheapjack racist fenderhead tries to pass off like a fart in church when he’s being racist but doesn’t want to be called out for it. That just shows the main problem with garbage like Sanders: they have nothing original to add and nothing new to bring to the table.


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