The Weekend: June 13-14, 2020

 So, I’m thinking the whole “putting out the News in the morning rather than just before going to bed” thing isn’t such a bad idea. Granted, I waited until right before I passed out to write yesterday’s Gibberish, but that’s mainly because I spent most of yesterday not really connected to the rest of the world. Still, we’re going to try to keep it going for the duration.

 And speaking of yesterday’s Gibberish, some links. I talked a little bit about the whole “autonomous zone” thing going on in Seattle and the possible attempt to set one up in Nashville. While people outside in the Great Washed are losing their shit over it, the Seattle deal is basically because the local fuzz walked away and the folks there are using the opportunity to get the city to pay attention to them. People are so used to someone telling them what to do, whether they want to admit it or not, that any deviation from the norm gives them the screaming willies.

 Tuesday we had yet another look at how people really don’t understand how politics and political media works, as well as how the Powers That Be are trying to stir us up against one another. Really, Trump’s attempt to tie that old man getting pushed down by Buffalo cops to the AntiFa boogeyman is pretty loathsome. But, that’s what his Base wants. They want someone to tell them who to hate.

 I had a really neat idea to write about how the vast majority of us really don’t have a solid grasp on the concepts of “censorship” or “free speech” because a streaming service deciding to not offer an 80-year-old movie none of us have watched in years has nothing to do either. However, I had the idea Wednesday night and didn’t bother writing about it until Thursday morning, so it was sort of dulled by then. In any event, it’s been four days since that kerfuffle and nobody really cares anymore.

 Honestly, I think in this, the 2020th Foul Year of Our Lord, no one really cares about “free speech” or “artistic freedom” only go as far as they can use it as a hammer against political/ideological opponents. Or just people who don’t properly kiss their ass, which is generally the same thing. In any event, though I used to describe myself as a “free speech absolutist,” I really don’t anymore.

 The reason is two-fold. The first, simply, is because most folks who describe themselves thusly are complete dickheads who just want to use racial slurs and sexist language without being told that they are, indeed, dickheads. The second reason is that I don’t know if it’s really as important as that when your rights are, as often as not, limited to how much money you have. It’s one of those “the law, in its infinite wisdom, forbids sleeping under bridges for the rich and the poor” sort of thing, I think.

 We’re seeing more and more that these so-called “inalienable rights” are often limited to just who can afford them and just who the Status Quo wants to have them. That story about the black pastor who was arrested for defending himself against five white trash jackasses because he had a gun and was in position of it both lawfully and Constitutionally with nary a peep from the NRA. We’re obviously seeing that the mewling horde cares about the First Amendment just as far as they can make racist jokes and that whole “right to assemble or petition the government” is so much whiffle.

 I do wonder if we’re in the waning days of the American Experiment, as it’s regularly being shown to be based on ideas no one really meant for us to take seriously, not really. I’ve said before how much I dig the whole cyberpunk aesthetic but never feel welcome to it, particularly the idea that corporations will rule everything with no oversight whatsoever, a la Neuromancer or Transmetropolitan. I wonder if that’s where we’re headed or more something like Death Race 2000 or Escape From New York where society just sort of crumbles and no one has enough scratch to do much more than squeak through.

 I am a little gloomy today, I suppose. It’s a lovely day here in Peaceful Valley and I have nothing to do once I tie this off, so I shouldn’t be. The world around me is on fire but none of it’s touching the Enon Holler Autonomous Zone and I can look at it with a sense of depressed-but-thankful distance. I have books to read, plenty of music to listen to, and I’m this close, I think, to beating both XCOM 2 and XCOM: Chimera Squad.

 Anyhow. Read Friday’s News. It’s about the state flag and pretty good. I think I’ll take a nap.


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