Monday, June 8, 2020

 Well, since I’m up and it worked so well yesterday – in that I had the evening free to mess around – I’m going to write out today’s News this morning rather than wait. Now, granted, something drastic may happen before the day’s out but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. In any event, I can always come back and write an update. Anyhow.

 First and foremost, Cristobel has made landfall and been downgraded to a tropical depression. It hit Grand Isle about 1 p.m. yesterday, moving slowly and erratically. From what my sources on the street tell me, New Orleans itself isn’t getting much to speak of. We’re supposed to get some rain by the afternoon and the Delta might see some flooding. They’re also calling for plenty of wind, which might mean tornadoes or at least a lot of stuff getting knocked out of trees.

Beyond that, maybe the most interesting news of the past 24 hours is the decision by the Minneapolis city council to “disband” its police force. What’s more, they passed it with a veto-proof majority over the objections of beleaguered Mayor Jacob Frey. Nine of the 13 council members voted for disbanding the police force that’s long had a foul stench when it came to racial incidents. As of right now, just what “disband” means is sort of up in the air. “Defund the police” has gained a lot of traction on Twitter and various overpaid talking heads, stroking their chin with serious intent, have wondered out loud just how this will affect Joe Biden. That means it’s something the Status Quo worries could happen. Watch this spot, maybe we’ll dig into it later in the week.

Sticking with the protests against police violence sparked by the murder of George Floyd entering their second week, it’s not doing Trump a bit of good. On top of his fumbling of the COVID-19 epidemic and the resulting torpedo the economy took, just about every move he’s made with this has blown up in his face. Granted, his Base will stay loyal but I maintain there’s nothing that will shake them, no matter how foul the revelation. And it seems being a jackass about this doesn’t do anyone any good as businesses who show their entire ass are finding themselves on the short end of the stick.

Though I personally don’t think it’ll shake much of the rank-and-file once they see which side their bread’s buttered on, a number of name Republicans are jumping ship and making it known. Notably Colin Powell, who occupies one of those places in American politics like John McCain did. Conservatives are supposed to love him but they haven’t pretended to for years. In any event, Trump’s already insulted him, surprising nobody, while at the same time pretending he didn’t support the Iraq War.

 Also something of a puzzler is a video of Mitt Romney marching with protesters and saying “Black Lives Matter”. He’s a hard one to draw a bead on and I can’t help but wonder if he’s not sitting himself up as the centrist savior for 2024. Not a whole lot of black people in Utah. Of course, Trump’s been a butthole about this and his Base are accusing Mittens of “pandering,” like that’s some deep burn. Oy, dingbats. Politicians pander. Yes, including Trump. You don’t think so because he’s pandering to you.

Polls have Biden up over Trump by a fairly significant amount, double digits in some places, and if it comes down to turnout – like it always does – it’s a question if Trump is more awful than Biden is dull. For their part, the Democrats have woken up and are talking big about introducing legislation that addresses the racial disparities in, well… everything in this country, but especially how the law treats black folks. While centering on criminal justice reform, the legislation will look to address some of the racial disparities that are outside the realm of cops getting away with murdering black people. They’re looking at working on health care, education, environmental justice, and several other aspects.

The way they’re going about plays into the notion that police violence against black people is merely a symptom of a deeper, more baked-in problem that can be fixed with police reform. For the record, I’m on board with this. Fixing the cops is a definite but if the rest of the society isn’t held to account, it won’t mean for much or last too long. Furthermore, I think this will be a winner for the Democrats at the polling place. This will finally address the issues affecting their strongest base, African Americans, rather than taking them for granted, and decent white people will be fine with it. They might lose some “centrists” or “anti-idpol socialists” but that’s no great loss.

 Still, as in all things, money talks and bullshit walks, so we’ll see how it all washes out. In any event, that’s enough for today. If something interesting enough happens before tomorrow, I’ll… well, I don’t know what I’ll do. I will do something, though, bet on that. In the meantime, have a pleasant Monday.


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