Monday, June 1, 2020

 I’m not going to lie about. Between this, Gibberish, and Actual Pay Work of the last week, I’m wore pretty much out. Add to that the ongoing horrors of the past couple of months, and after I shut down last night I didn’t really bother to open it back up today. This is going to be quick, mainly to get in the day’s writing before the day’s done. WordPress is kind of funny, but it’s right now 10:20 p.m. Central Standard Time as I begin this.

 After spending yesterday evening hiding in a bunker, Trump emerged today to make everyone feel safer and more secure with a few heartfelt, compassionate words. Apparently seeing his shadow, he announced we’d have at least six more weeks of crappy, authoritarian-leading government from the White House. Basically, he threatened to use the United States military against American citizens unless state governors can get the protesters “under control”. In doing so, he had a peaceful demonstration tear gassed so he could pose in front of St. John’s Church holding a Bible. I mean, come on.

 This apparently comes from an 1807 law Trump’s banking on, but there was something called the Posse Comitatus Act signed by Rutherford Hayes in 1878 that throws a monkey wrench into things. Basically, it says the federal government has limited abilities to use the federal military to quell domestic. It’s been updated a couple of times, and in 2006 George W. Bush changed the wording some to allow for a bit of leeway due to national emergency (natural disaster, domestic terrorist attack, etc.) and the language reverted back to the 1807 wording thanks to 2008 legislation.

 So, Trump is vowing to “end it now,” and part of that is his announcement that he’ll designate Antifascist Action, or “AntiFa“, a domestic terror organization. Apart from the fact that he might not be able to constitutionally do that, the real problem with this is that any fool knows there’s no centralization to AntiFa, no real leadership, no day-to-day organization to the group or their actions. Indeed, any jackass can call themselves “AntiFa” and it’s not like anyone can sue them.

 What this really boils down to, then, is anyone the government feels is causing disruption for any reason is, automatically, AntiFa. Thus, they are a terrorist and, thus, the government can do what they want to them. When we saw the gun-toting yutzes storm the Michigan statehouse to demand reopening of businesses so they could get a haircut or hit the early bird special at Arby’s, there wasn’t the violent police reaction we’ve seen with black people saying they’d like the law to at least consider not summarily executing them for minor infractions. But when people point that out as a sign of honky superiority, they fail to understand that’s basically what the Status Quo wants, the serfs back to the grindstone and damn their health. Also, black folks living under the gun constantly despite what they do or say is also what they want.

 Which brings us to the mess we’re in. It’s a scary situation. The government’s basically said it’s going full-blown authoritarian, and the bloodthirsty dingbats that make up the Base can’t clap because their hands are cramped from furiously jerking off at the thought of shooting people they don’t really consider “Fellow Americans”. Spineless congress critters like Marco Rubio is showing he’s fine with it, and he’s really not alone. Those “Second Amendment Patriots” who were demanding the right to not worry about people getting sick are silent in the face of their preferred type of possible governmental tyranny.

 And if any of this comes as a surprise, you have not been paying attention to the past 20 years. This is what Conservative America has been angling for since 9/11 and the PATRIOT ACT.  They don’t care if people of color, especially African Americans, are held under a federal heel, and they’re fine with a conservative government punishing dissent so long as that dissent comes from the left.

 Maybe the saddest thing is this is all on the police. One of the most striking differences between what’s going on now and anytime those gun-toting ding-a-lings have shown the world how small their penises are and called it “protesting” is the police reaction. In most every case, when it comes to protesting police brutality, the cops have reacted with if not tear gas and pepper bullets, then at least dressed like they’re about to fight the forces of Cobra and Hydra combined whether it was “necessary” or not. With the gun guys and white supremacists, well… most of them are sympathetic one way or another.

 So. The president’s promising violence without addressing the cause of the anger from the people he’s supposed to be working for. If there’s a violent crackdown on discouraging words against the right wing without doing anything about the law killing people or letting them be killed just because they feel black folks aren’t real humans, I do wonder what they see the outcome of it being? Or is cruelty and authoritarianism the point?

 Yeah, it probably is. Silly question. Again, they’ve been telling us for at least two decades this is what they want. We – including Democratic legislators – continue to pretend they really don’t mean it at our peril. Watch your assess, neighbors. The government is not your friend.


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