Wednesday, May 27, 2020

 Okay, so, I have some Actual Paying Work to get done tonight, so let’s not mess around. Luckily, we got plenty to talk about, all of it’s interesting, but none of it’s good. So let’s do it to it like Pruitt used to do it.

 It’s not the most important news of the day or, indeed, the most important news (probably) we’ll discuss here, but it’s the one sitting on my neck wrong. Attorney General and Trump consigliere Bill “The Pillow” Barr announced the Department of Justice would be dropping any and all investigations into three of the four U.S. senators who were caught benefiting from stock market shenanigans thanks to insider knowledge about the impending COVID-19 that was about to cripple the country. Set free are “Snowball” Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, one of the dumbest men ever to hold a seat in the United States Legislature, and former wingnut bête noire Dianne Feinstein of California.

 No, seriously, she used to be the go-to woman congress critter from California conservatives would hate on before Nancy Pelosi started liquefying their bowels. I often wonder if she feels a little hurt because she doesn’t get the hate anymore. In any event, the cases against Inhofe and Feinstein were rather tenuous, the latter was less about her and more her husband.

 The one that is an egregious example of undeniable political corruption at the highest level was Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler, who made more money than God as a stock market swinger before being appointed to the seat of retiring Johnny Isakson. She took office Jan. 6 and was a part of the Senate Committee on Health. She claims she didn’t use that position and the information gleaned from it to make around $15 million between the end of January and the middle of February, just before we all found out this coronavirus novel was going to be a pain in the ass. In any event, she’s off the hook with the DOJ now.

 Loeffler has denied any wrongdoing, of course, and undoubtedly the one million dollar donation to the biggest Trump Super Pac, America First Action,  from her husband Jeff Sprecher had absolutely nothing to do with the DOJ’s decision to stop looking into the issue. It should be noted Sprecher’s the CEO of the New York Stock Exchange and Loeffler herself was worth $500 million before getting the Senate seat. Trump’s initial choice was wingnut loon Doug Collins but Gov. Brian Kemp bucked him on that. One wonders if this will change Trump’s mind on who he backs when Collins challenges Loeffler come November.

 Interestingly, North Carolina’s Richard Burr is still up against the wall, according to some sources. The former head of the Senate Intelligence committee was, apparently, more directly involved with insider trading than the rest and, since he’d announced he wasn’t running for re-election after his term ended, it looks like he’s being the one thrown to the wolves on this one. Of course, time will tell how hard a slap on the wrist he’ll get once this is all over, if indeed he gets one at all.

 The next one, well… the next one just rips the mask off a whole lot of things. In his on-going attempt to distract from the 100,000 people who’ve died from COVID-19 in great part to his own fumble-fingered start – and because Republicans hate people voting anyway – Trump’s been going off on “mail-in voting”. Something that’s been done for decades in Oregon, for example, our diaper-filling president claims it’s all a scam to allow Democrats to steal the election win he deserves come November.

 Of course, he’s been whistling Dixie and in a rare showing of spine, Twitter stuck a link on a couple of his ranting tweets that led to fact checks of his assertions. This set him off something fierce. It was almost like Twitter was a betraying lover which, I guess for Trump, it kind of is. So he’s spent the rest of today throwing one helluva fit and threatening to “shut down” social media platforms that hold him in the slightest bit of accountability.

 Of course, being the giant crybabies they are, Republicans are convinced that despite any and all evidence to the contrary, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are inherently against them for ideological reasons or just ’cause. They never really explain it in any sort of detail, but it seems to be an article of faith with them. Twitter has been alive with half-bright cod-legal experts claiming that the platform is somehow under direct control of the First Amendment or that whatever’s whatever, Trump’s the president and he can’t be denied.

 The big ol’ whiner said he’d make an announcement tomorrow concerning the disloyalty of these private companies and how he’ll use the government to punish them, and the Base are all hard as a rock in anticipation. Legal scholars and other people who actually know what they’re talking about say he doesn’t have a pot to piss in, but who knows. Anyone who thinks the GOP or the Base will have a problem with any sort of anti-free speech or anti-First Amendment thuggery Trump tries just hasn’t been paying attention the past three years.

 I just wonder if he’s going to be making the announcement on Twitter. Wouldn’t that be a hoot.


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