Friday, May 22, 2020

 It’s been a long week and I’m tired. I’ve had to get a lot of Actual Paying Work done this week, it’s turned off hot, and the country still seems to be intent on being as Dumb as possible. Plus, I stayed up way, way too late playing XCOM 2, but that’s nobody’s fault but mine.

 And frankly, I’m not into this and a lot the reason is it’s been a relatively slow news day today. One’s heart goes out to the folks in Karachi and Michigan, but the Straight News is doing an acceptable job covering that. I really don’t care about Trump showing us, yet again, that he’s down with dudes who were down with Nazis, nor do I care about Joe Biden, yet again, putting a racist foot in his mouth on a morning talk show. Best I can tell from either is that neither moved the needle for anyone and both will probably be dust in the wind in a fortnight.

 The guy who filmed those two Georgia peckerwoods murdering Ahmaud Arbery got nicked for murder himself. Investigators are saying they got what they need and it looks like the garden-variety authoritarian conservative is giving up on defending them. The FBI’s getting involved in the investigation around the murder of Breonna Taylor and the crooked, racist local justice system that was going to let those cops skate. I’m no fan of the FBI, but I do appreciate authoritarians getting the squeeze from bigger authoritarians when someone needs to fall on the sword.

 The COVID-19 count is at 1.63 million cases and over 96,000 deaths of people who’re unconcerned with the working class’ health when they want someone to wait on them. I kid, of course, but in all seriousness, it looks like it might be slowing down. Some of the eggheads said the oncoming Summer could slow it down like what happened with H1N1 in 2009. That gave them time to put together an effective vaccine, and scientists are hoping the same holds true for the coronavirus novel.

 Cross your fingers, because Trump’s got a serious boner for “reopening the country,” most recently blowing a bunch of smoke about reopening churches. Apparently, he’s slipping in the polls with Evangelicals and right-wing Catholics. Six points down in the former and seven up in the latter for disapproval. Not being spiritually inclined, I don’t have a dog in this particular hunt. However, getting a bunch of people to sit close together in an enclosed room where there’s a lot of singing and talking going on seems iffy with no vaccine on hand.

 Here in Mississippi, we’re at 12,624 known cases and 596 deaths. Issaquena County still registers a goose egg on both. Gov. Tate Reeves is allowing parks to reopen and he won’t mess with the churches, but he’s extending the “Safer At Home” protocols he’s been championing. Colleges and universities are planning on getting back in the swing of things come Fall, which might be bigger, since high school and college football almost eclipse going to church for most Mississippians.

 Credit where credit’s due, but apart from stumbling early in the game, Reeves has done a solid job keeping this state from drowning in its own shit. Things haven’t gotten worse, and given how screwed people in the Magnolia State are at best, that is commendable. And, again credit where credit is due, the State Legislature seems to be using their bipartisan dislike of Reeves to actually get useful stuff done, whether he likes it or not. The welfare scandal is still a huge rock in our collective shoe, but at least someone seems like they’re going to get the hammer for it. Beloved, that’s why we don’t indulge in political corruption. You never know who’s going to trip you when both of y’all are running from a bear.

 And that’s that. Tune into the Gibberish tomorrow and maybe I’ll have something to say about Racism in White America or why nobody really understands just why they hate the Mainstream Media. Or I might spend the entire time talking about The Expanse, XCOM and Motörhead. You just never know and that’s what makes it interesting.



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