Monday, May 18, 2020

Still having connection issues. I was going to start writing as soon as I finished my constitutional with Otis, around 4 p.m. or so. Of course, the internet dropped out around the time I got set up and, four hours later, still hasn’t returned. And tonight is a News night, which I can’t very well do when I have no internet. Not properly, anyway.

But I’ll try my best. I’ll come back in when I can to fill in names and places because, to be quite honest, I don’t pay that close attention and it really doesn’t matter in the long run. They say history is little more than famous names and important dates, but I think that’s the wrong way of looking at things, the Narrative way. Granted, I don’t know what would be the correct way, but I don’t think that’s my job.

I’m rambling, partly because I’m in a foul mood and partly to take up space. I freely admit to being a man of habit and any interruption in that gets up my nose. On the other hand, I really don’t ask for much beyond, well, solid internet connectivity. Alas, alack. First world problems, I know. In any event, let’s get on with the business at hand.

We’ve topped 90,000 dead. In just under three months since the first case, the entire population of Athens, Georgia, while I lived there has been wiped out. It’s been predominantly, though not exclusively, the elderly due to their weakened immune systems. While scientists and experts argue that more time spent social distancing is required – and most polls show the average person agrees with them by a fairly healthy margin, for whatever that’s worth – there are enough of a vocal minority kicking up such a fuss that haircuts will resume and the serving class will remember their proper place. Some people are comparing wearing masks to stuff Nazi Germany did, which is just stupid, or to slavery, which is insultingly disgusting, and for the most part, the main drive behind it for the washed horde is “owning the libs”. Being a jerk for jerk’s sake, I suppose.

The scuttlebutt around Washington D.C. is most of this push coming out of the White House is because Trump’s numbers outside of the slavering fanatics that make up the Base are in the toilet. That’s as good an explanation as any, I guess. He’s never really got much more than that base since his election, occasionally inching towards but never crossing 50% approval. Furthermore, his only point of pride that rings even close to true – the “roaring economy” lasted less than a day once CORVID-19 became an undeniable reality. The stock market has rebounded, but if we needed any more proof that means almost nothing to the average person’s bottom line, well, it’s been that sort of three months.

Most people who study things say we’re still headed to some sort of economic depression whether we like it or not. Here in Mississippi, which still has a week of “safe-at-home” to get through, over 100,000 people have filed for unemployment. Nationwide, the unemployment rate is almost 15%, demolishing numbers set by the Great Depression. Showing what sort of businesses they actually are, a lot of professional sports organizations are considering return to play but without the fans. Might as well, because numbers still show that it’s going to be a minute before anyone wants to go out to the ballpark or see a concert or, really, spend any more time amongst the possible epidemic vectors than need be. Some people are, but this whole affair really has shown just who amongst us has never been told “no” before, which explains Trump’s popularity with the jackassery.

Speaking of Trump, he’s still trying to make Obamagate a thing despite going a week without giving any sort of concrete idea of what it actually is beyond “Black Man Bad”. Granted, that’s good enough for most Republicans and they remain blissfully unconcerned with the lack of any concrete accusations. He made some hay this weekend by firing State Department Inspector General Steve Linick, somewhat to everyone’s surprise. It’s something of a pattern of his, getting rid of anyone that might tell him “no” by claiming they’re “Obama appointees” whether they are or not. Come out today that this might have been spurred on by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who requested the firing because said IG was looking into some dirty deals over arm sales with Saudi Arabia instead of Obama like he was supposed to. What really grabbed everyone’s attention, however, was whether or not the Secretary or his Missus were using government employees to run errands and do chores.

When pressed on this, Trump basically said, “If he did, so what?” which is basically as good as admitting it. This is how they view employees, after all, and this is a man who requires subordinates to steam press his pants while he’s wearing them. The Democrats are looking into it and some Republicans are pretending to care, so who knows. At the same press conference, the Stable Genius said he’s been taking regular doses of the malaria medicine hydroxylchloroquine, which he spent most of March trumpeting as a miracle cure before someone got through to him that: one, no it wasn’t; two, there were people who actually needed that drug and it was in short supply; and three, it could kill people who misuse it.

There was a bit of speculation over this. Did he lie? Is he telling the truth? White House doctors said, no, they hadn’t prescribed it to him and, no, it still was a really, really bad idea, especially for a corpulent 70-year-old man. Apparently, one of the less lethal side affects include paranoia that your “enemies” are out to “get you”. How about that, eh?

Lest we forget he’s making a small nickel off the sale of that stuff and one of the GOP’s main sugar daddies, the delightfully named Joey Pizza, is making an even bigger nickel off it. That being said, I doubt it’s really that deep. One, he’s probably the most documented liar and fabulist of the past 50 years and, two, he’s so dumb that once he learned that big word, nothing will knock it loose if there’s even the slightest chance he could bust it out. There is a worry, even from Fox News, of all places, that this will lead to the humanoids taking it, or something like they think it is, causing more deaths. I doubt it’ll be that much a problem one way or another.

Finally, y’all remember Richard Burr? The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee who, just before it was announced to the public that COVID-19 was something we should worry about, dumped a mess of stock and made out like a bandit. That guy, yeah. Well, he’s getting his day in court, or at least, the FBI’s investigating him. From what I understand, he’s pretty much a lame duck so I’ve no doubt he’ll be asked to fall on his sword for the GOP. Kelly Loeffler is guilty as him or guiltier, and while she’s easily replaced with some other Georgia wingnut thirsting to steam press the president’s pants, she’s also richer than Croesus and was a big source of cash for the GOP before she got her seat. She might lose her seat but I doubt she’ll do any time.

Anyhow, and call me cynical because I am, I don’t see much coming out of this. One, this is how America operates. Greed is good, and you will not see any conservatives seriously upset at either the actions or who gets sacrificed because that’s what they see as the Natural Order. Secondly, Marco Rubio (R-Born Without A Spine) is heading the Intelligence Committee and he is nothing if not a good soldier and loyal partisan.

That’s probably 500 words. I’ll post this if the damn internet kicks back on tonight. If not, it’s 9:04 p.m. Monday night as I wrap this up. So there’s that there, then.

UPDATE: It’s 1:40 a.m. the following morning. Gets later every night.

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