The Weekend: May 16-17, 2020

UPDATE: I fell asleep reading. It’s 11 p.m. and everything seems to be green. Did this last night, too, which might lend some credence to Momma’s theory. Anyway, here’s links to the Gibberish from Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Everyone cross your fingers this gets fixed sooner than later.

It’s about 15 minutes to 8 p.m., Sunday evening, May 17. The dad-blamed internet has been out all day and doesn’t look like it’s going to come back on today. We got a new modem, so it’s not that it. We’ve left a message with the phone company, so hopefully they’ll have some answers tomorrow. Momma’s convinced it’s because they’re switching over to fiber optic on the other side of the Channel, but I don’t know. Could be, I guess.

 In any event, you’ll just have to take my word for it whenever I get around to cut-and-pasting this at the correct place. Obviously, I can’t do the News. Right now, the only sources I have are the television stations that intermittently come in – no cable or tv package like Dish Network – and the radio, which is mostly right-wing jibber jabber from the lunkheads at Mississippi Talk, so no thank you.

 Hell’s bells, I thought this thing had word count, but I’d have to unlock the paid version. Can’t do that right now even if I wanted to. I’m in a fairly foul mood and just got back from a walk in what feels like soup. It’s so humid, so I’ll just write until I get tired of writing.

 Most of my music’s up in the Clouds, either Apple or Amazon, so that’s out. I do have a few tomato boxes full of CD’s in the basement, but that’s more trouble than it’s worth. Luckily, I can play video games offline, and god knows I’ve got plenty to read. I’ve been re-reading Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Dispossessed the last couple of days. I say re-reading, but I’m not real sure if I’ve read it before or not. I’ve read a lot of books over the past 30 years and smoked a fairly healthy amount of pot the last 20, so sometimes I forget.

 I’ve read something in the Hainish Cycle, though, but that’s such a loose connection between the books, by Le Guin’s own figuring, that it really doesn’t matter. I like that. If I ever get around to writing some of this fiction, any shared universes will just be that: shared universes and not reason to tie one story to the next.

 I think that’s where Star Wars went off the rails with the prequels. Instead of using the thousands of years of history in the universe, they concentrate on the 20 or so years before Episode Four. Plus, they were pretty dull. It’s pretty much why I haven’t bothered with the sequel trilogy. It’s more of the same story when there’s so much that could be told, and I just don’t care. Yeah, yeah, “The Skywalker Saga,” fair enough, I just don’t care. I spent most of my teen years reading the Marvel comics and the licensed books that I’m sort of sick of that story and those characters.

 It’s also why the new Doctor Who eventually left me cold. I do not want a story where the main character is at the same time the most important, respected, and feared being in the cosmos. Plus, every female wants him, so he’s gone into full author avatar territory. I like my Doctor bumming around the universe and considered a bug-eyed loon until he winds up saving the day. Yes, I’m a Tom Baker guy.

 I do hope all this internet business gets squared away before Thursday, as I have some Actual Paying Work due then and there’s just no way I can do that without being online. Ah, like in the New Modern World. I’m old enough to remember when I had to bring a printed out copy of something to the client and often had to input it manually into the system.

 We got some rain today and the weather’s starting to act up with a little thunder. I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t get more rain before the evening’s through. I imagine taking a break from the news and the rampant Dumbness of the Modern World for at least an evening won’t hurt. I’ve no idea if I’m close to 500 words or not. In any event, I think I’m going to pretend I am and read for a while.

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