Monday, May 11, 2020

Another week begins, and all over the country more and more states are opening up, or trying to anyway. The President is pushing for more folks to get back to work and, indeed, he seems to be ready to move on from even considering COVID-19. You can’t really blame him. Everyone’s getting a bit tired of this whole deal.

Unfortunately, reality doesn’t really give a damn and the coronavirus continues to burn through humanity and specifically the United States. Out of 281,000 deaths worldwide, the United States leads the pack as we topped over 80,000 today. The States also accounts for a full third of the cases on the planet, and it’s probably not going to get better. Analysts from the Center for Disease Control say the death toll could reach 130,000 by August, and this really doesn’t take into account the rather haphazard, patchy reopening seen across the country.

But the President is ready to move on, reality and common sense be damned. He spent all day yesterday throwing one of his Twitter fits, missing his one-day record by just 16 tweets. Between retweeting the QAnon dingbats, whining about his impeachment, and trying to pretend Gen. Mike Flynn wasn’t getting a pass because of AG William Barr’s crooked ass, he didn’t get around to even mentioning Mother’s Day until early evening. Hell, he never got around to acknowledge the mother of his youngest child. I’m sure she’s used to that, though. Probably was part of the pre-nup.

One thing that he’s decided to run with – and was quickly picked up by the Base and Fox News’ clown show – is “Obamagate”. Apparently, whatever “Obamagate” is, it’s the biggest political scandal in history. Bigger than Watergate. Bigger than the Teapot Dome Scandal. Bigger than the Whiskey Ring Scandal of U.S. Grant’s presidency. All across the country, people are on tenterhooks to find out just what “Obamagate” is, and whatever it is, the True Believers are confident former President Barack Obama is guilty as hell.

It seems Trump is waiting to find out what “Obamagate” is just like the rest of us, because he doesn’t seem to know. During an incredibly entertaining press conference today, Trump merely responded “Obamagate” when asked what his predecessor was guilty of. When pressed on just what “Obamagate” entailed, he responded “it’s obvious” and refused to elaborate. We’ll all find out what “Obamagate” is in a couple of weeks, he says, presumably after he finds out. Regardless, Fox and the True Believers are saying Obama’s days as a free man are numbered because their faith is solid as a rock.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. That press conference. Man alive, it was one of his best. Petulant, sloppy, silly, and just a bit racist, Trump outdid himself in showing just how completely unprepared he is not just for this job but also the least little bit of challenge. After bragging about how well the United States is beating everyone else in testing, without any evidence to say so, CBS reporter Weija Jiang asked why that “global competition” was so important when the death toll in the US was over 80,000, Trump had a truly charming answer.

“Well, they’re losing their lives everywhere in the world,” he said. “And maybe that’s a question you should ask China. Don’t ask me.Ask China that question, OK? When you ask them that question, you may get a very unusual answer.”

Racist, stupid, sexist, and evasive – a rare four-leaf clover of Trump awfulness – the China-born Jiang was deservedly shocked by the president’s response. When asked why he asked her that question, President Prissy Britches said he’d respond like that to anyone who asked such a “nasty question”. For the record, all “nasty questions” seem to come from female reporters. Anyway, he tried to move on to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, but when she gave Jiang room to continue her questioning, our punk-ass president took his ball and went home.

I wonder how he thinks that would work. Is Jiang supposed to ask, presumably, Xi Jinping, “General Secretary, why do you think the U.S. president’s got such a hard-on for being the number-one testing country in the world?” You’d think after three years on the job he’d have a better handle on how things work, but here we are.

Anyhow, he was undoubtedly dealing with a bit of the red ass by the time Jiang and Collins made him cry, so let’s get back to that. As noted above, he really didn’t have an explanation of what “Obamagate” was, so let’s explore that a bit more. Going off about the “misconduct” performed by the FBI in their investigation of Gen. Flynn, with no evidence whatsoever, The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker asked the President of the United States of America. Let’s just enjoy this exchange.

Rucker: “In one of your Mother’s Day tweets, you appeared to accuse President Obama of ‘the biggest political crime in American history, by far’ — those were your words. What crime exactly are you accusing President Obama of committing, and do you believe the Justice Department should prosecute him?”

The man in charge of the nuclear codes: “Uh, Obamagate. It’s been going on for a long time,” he began. “It’s been going on from before I even got elected, and it’s a disgrace that it happened, and if you look at what’s gone on, and if you look at now, all this information that’s being released — and from what I understand, that’s only the beginning — some terrible things happened, and it should never be allowed to happen in our country again. You know what the crime is. The crime is very obvious to everybody. All you have to do is read the newspapers, except yours.”

Let’s be real for a moment. Over 80,000 people have died and we’re no closer to a vaccine or even a treatment than we were back two months ago. Economic insecurity is a real thing, with people having trouble making rent (because landlords are still demanding rent) and small businesses getting the shaft because most of the PPP money went to publicly traded companies. The states are reopening in fits and starts with no plan and very little cooperation from the public. The country’s food supply is strained almost to the breaking point and workers are not being protected.

And this is the guy that’s supposed to be steering the ship of state? This petulant, whiny, vindictive pinhead who can’t answer for his own bullshit is supposed to be the guy to lead the nation? Worse, I’m supposed to respect him and take him seriously, not to mention the horde of dingbats who consider him the Second Coming?

Man, get out of here. The fact this dope wasn’t run off by his own party after winning the nomination in 2016 is a condemnation of not just how far the Republican Party has devolved but also how the whole electoral process probably needs a serious overhaul.

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