The Weekend: May 9-10, 2020

 I don’t know if it’s become apparent yet or not, but I take weekends off. Beyond doing the News three days a week, Gibberish three days a week and the Actual Paying Work, I need the occasional break. Granted, the Gibberish isn’t that much of a strain. More fun than anything, and that’s what this weekender is: just me having fun and keeping up the work.

 I’m trying to ease into more of a feel for both places. A little less navel gazing at the Gibberish and a little less editorializing here. The former will still be for the pure opinion-tough-if-you-don’t-like-it and I’m not even going to pretend the News will become an ideal of objectification. I will let my biases be easily known, if just to make it easier for the readers. Some people have a hard time with that concept.

 Taking a bit of a detour for a bit, I want to reiterate that my politics and view of the world is fairly hard left. Anti-racism, anti-facism, anti-corporatism, anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, anti-xenophobia, and pretty much anti-being-a-dick-to-people-because-it-makes-you-money-or-you-get-a-sense-of-power-to-it. I make no bones about that and it will be reflected in everything I write. The Democrats are a gormless mess but the Republicans actively get off on hurting people and maintaining an evil Status Quo, if that means anything to you. I’ve got no respect for unearned authority and barely any for earned. I am not impressed by wealth, patriotism, religious faith, loyalty to the past, any sort of artificial hierarchy, patriarchy, or anything that tells people, beyond basic physics, they can’t do something because “they’re not allowed”. I do feel that needs to be brought up from time to time.

 Okay, got that off my chest so it’s time to climb down off the soap box. I should throw in this week’s Gibberish links before I get too far down, if I haven’t already. I went off a little bit Tuesday about the soi-disant socialist/liberal’s favorite go-to of “fuck the South/Red States”. You can do what you want, but all I hear when you say that is, “I don’t care about people of color in the South, especially black people, nor do I really care about LGBT or the disabled or women’s rights to choose or the poor. In fact, all my leftist dogma is performative because I’ll be fine either way”.

 Don’t get it twisted. I don’t let the various evils of the South off the hook. Like liberal Christians who combat right-wing Bible thumpers and responsible gun owners who show that not everyone who’s armed is a deluded loony with a persecution complex and a small dick. Of course, the difference is I actually say shit instead of complaining about people being mean. With that in mind, Thursday was dedicated partly to how the state of Mississippi screws over it’s poorest and most desperate and mostly to the rampant racism-slash-gun-culture in the South – which is America distilled – that led to the killing of Ahmaud Arbery by to well-connected crackers. Unfortunately, this isn’t contained solely below the Mason-Dixon, as video of Arbery looking into a house under construction was released and the dickbags all decided it meant extra-judicial vigilante murder without trial or jury was okay just because someone feels like it.

 Saturday was basically navel gazing with a bit of disgust with American culture and humanity in general, but particularly the humanoids deciding even though 80,000 people of all ages and stages died in two months, COVID-19 isn’t that big a deal. So, they’ll go to restaurants and not wear masks and pretend it won’t affect them, all the while getting madder and madder because people disagree with them. Damn the torpedoes, y’all, I’ll stay out here in the boonies.

 And that’s pretty much where I stand. There’s a tweet going around showing some restaurant packed to the gills for Mother’s Day while the president spent all day tweeting conspiracy theories and complaining everyone was mean to him. So, normal Sunday for him, anyway.

 Beyond all that, it’s Mother’s Day. If it’s something you can do, call your momma. If not, hope your Sunday’s been nice. See you tomorrow.

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