The Weekend: April 18-19, 2020

It’s been dumping rain all day. Off and on, there will be a deluge but it’s been otherwise steady and the skies have been that dull silver grey a day of thunderstorms bring. We have not been able to take our constitutional and my buddy Otis, the Jack Russell, is not happy.

However, best I can tell it hasn’t been as bad as the beating we got last weekend. Tornado warnings have come and gone, and all that’s happened is a brief touchdown of a tornado near West Columbia, Texas, and another near Quitman, Mississippi. This is very much a good thing because the South in general and Mississippi in particular could certainly use a break from Mother Nature’s fury.

Before we get too deep into it, some links. I didn’t really do much at the Tumblr site apart from two nifty quotes from Rainer Maria Rilke. Beyond not having the inspiration, I really didn’t have much time what with the paying Work I needed to get done. For what it’s worth, that was well received and will be an ongoing thing. That’s a good thing. I really don’t need the work but it is both nice to be bringing some money in and it definitely is an ego boost. That boost, for the record, I most certainly needed.

Over at Blogger, most days were taken up with the shaking rage at both Trump’s bullshit over the COVID-19 outbreak and the growing trend of wingnut dingbats “protesting” that they can’t go out and get haircuts or go shopping for seeds at Lowe or whatever rank dumbness the AstroTurfing organizations behind them have them pushing. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday were pretty much filled with that, and I won’t apologize.

A little News today, though. Mississippi recorded 300 new cases of coronavirus over the weekend and seven new deaths. One of those deaths was in Monroe County, due south of here. All the counties in Northeast Mississippi saw an increase in cases apart from three, including here in Itawamba County.

The Mississippi State Department of Health is now breaking down COVID-19 cases by race and what they’re telling us is… well, something we already knew. That is, the pandemic is affecting the African American communities at a higher rate. Of the 4,274 cases in Mississippi, over half affect black people or other people of color. This breaks down the same way with deaths, just over half. There are a number of reasons behind this, mostly due to lesser quality care in black communities as well as less access to whatever health care they do have. Plus, the overall poverty level of black Mississippians statewide affects what care they can get to, of course.

For his part, Gov. Tate Reeves is finding it difficult to keep his loyalty proved to Trump while at the same time dealing with Mississippi being, as he says, “in the eye of the storm“. He’s pretty much going with Trump’s three-point “plan” to reopen the country, whatever the hell that means, though he stressed he was operating under his own decisions rather than taking orders from the Boss. None of the 17 people on the “Reopen Mississippi” task force have any connection to labor groups or workers’ rights groups, noted The Clarion Ledger.

“We don’t need union bosses to tell us how to take care of our people,” he claimed forgetting that neither Mississippi’s government nor its business elite has ever given too much a damn about making sure poor folks in general, much less workers, are treated with any sort of decency. We’ve got more to worry about than pleasing GOP bigwigs.

I’m going to go ahead and pinch this off before I use up next week’s boosh-wah. I will say I finally got around to playing Phantom Doctrine and it’s fairly neat. It’s a XCOM-like turn-based strategy game themed around Cold War spies. It’s got a few different mechanics, like Hard West, but so far I like it. I’ve developed a strong yen for those games and I wonder what that says.

Of course, it could say nothing at all. It doesn’t have to, you know.

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