The Weekend: April 11-12, 2020

First, Blogger links. Some Gibberish from Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, plus a series from the Tumblr site observing the passing of John Prine. I am a fan.

Okay, so I turned 45 today. When is it all supposed to start making sense? I was told when I was younger “you’ll understand when you’re older” when faced with something my child’s mind couldn’t suss out. However, that never happened and I’m getting a little impatient.

Oh, I’m just kidding. I know it’ll never make sense. The universe is inexplicable and uncaring, consciousness is madness and illusion, and in a hundred years no one will care that I was here at all. Nor you, for that matter. Life is absurdity and we make it even more foolish trying to get it into some sort of sensible order.

Hegel was wrong, there’s no intelligible process moving towards “the realization of human freedom” as a specific condition. History is merely fits and starts, existing only in the mind of the chronicler. As often as not, it does little more than serve as propaganda for the present, as fleeting as a moment, and lasting only until a new round of narratives need to be told.

Well, that was fun. Yeah, I’m a hoot at parties. Okay, kids, it’s not only my birthday but it’s Easter Sunday, and all over the country, church-going folk are either defying state and local orders to stay home so that everyone knows what good, oppressed Christians they are or, if they have any sense, they’re staying home secure in the knowledge that God hears them anyway. Me, I’m an atheist and haven’t been inside a church without a wedding or funeral going on in 25 years, so none of that makes any sense to me. Momma’s a church-going woman, though, and she agrees it’s mostly performative and arrogance. C’est la vie.

Speaking of arrogance, Trump and company are pushing the whole “rewriting history so he doesn’t look as bad” narrative concerning his COVID-19 response pretty heavy this week. They’ve pivoted from “hey, it’ll all be all right” to “hey, the states should have this” to “hey, WHO lied to us, there’s something suspect about this so-called Dr. Fauci, and it’s all China’s doing anyway” without missing a beat or taking a breath. It’s almost impressive.

The Base is taking all of this in stride, of course, and they’re especially hot about Dr. Anthony Fauci occasionally pointing out that whatever Trump’s saying is nonsense and they could’ve done different early on. It wouldn’t be so hard to step down and at least not pretend it’s everyone’s fault because they were trying to “bring him down” and just take care of business, but that’s a bridge too far I guess. It remains to be seen how the media will swallow this, but I’m wondering if they aren’t getting tired of his bullshit and the nonstop burning of bridges.

On this Easter Sunday, the state of Mississippi witnessed the wrath of either God or Nature as a brace of devastating tormadoes tore through the southernmost portion of the state, as well as Louisiana and Alabama. As of the latest reporting, there have been six deaths after 13 radar confirmed twisters kicked the hell out of the area between Jackson and the coast, mostly on the eastern part.

They’re still picking through the rubble so we won’t get a damage estimate until tomorrow at the earliest, but the pictures we’re seeing are frightening indeed. It looks like the twisters that trashed Smithville back in 2011. My paternal grandmother’s people are from that area, and there’s a little town called Soso where Daddy spent a lot of time growing up. Looks a lot like Smithville did, just whole swaths of it flattened. Look here for ways to help.

We’ll end this on a somewhat positive note. A buddy of mine that runs a content creation business in Atlanta is going to start throwing some work my way. That means for the first time in almost 15 years, I’m going to get paid for writing again. Granted, it’s not the most exciting stuff I’ve ever done and it’s paying… well, no better or worse than I ever got paid.

That’s not what’s “good” about it, though. Since I started back writing last June, I’ve been dogged with self-doubt because, frankly, I don’t know if anyone pays any attention to this. What’s the point, I thought, if no one reads it. I do not have the best self-esteem about anything, so this does help out there a good bit.

It’s not a whole lot but it’s a good start. I don’t know how that work will affect this or the Gibberish, so we’ll wait and see. In any event, I can still have fun while I make a little bread on the side, and that don’t suck at all.

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