Friday, April 10, 2020

We’ve settled into an interesting rut the last few months or so. The week starts with some new horrifying number of dead because of COVID-19. The government and medical experts scramble to make it look not quite as horrible. By the end of the week, pundits who don’t actually do anything useful are banging the “get back to work” drum. Each day is punctuated with the President rambling on like he does and bragging about his ratings.

One wonders if this is “the new normal”. Not dealing with the economic and public health issues, just the New Dumb of the dingbats looking at someone to blame. Blame for what? Blame for anything, really. The same people who overwhelmingly voted for a Trump Administration and have more than once said they’d be willing to start a new civil war on his say so are now complaining “the Government” is using this whole deal as a “power grab”.

For who? Who knows. Conservatives are not known for their logical consistency. The most recent example of “we support the troops” being complete bullshit was when then-Navy Secretary Thomas Modly called the captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, Brett Cozier, was “stupid” and kicked him out of the job. In the process, it cost taxpayers $234,000 for a trip to Guam to, lest we forget, fire a popular captain looking after the sailors under his leadership. And then he quits and and the crew of the Theodore Roosevelt is still in dire straits, so that was all worth the effort.

And every day Trump gives one of his little micro-rallies that might be connected to the COVID-19 issue in some way or it might be just a chance to get shitty about how much the head of Tennessee Valley Authority – probably the grandest government project in American history and I’m not just saying that because I benefit from it – is getting paid. Why? Who the hell knows. This is the New Normal, deal with it.

I’m going to break one of my personal rules, and post this link. I’m not familiar with this publication and the story itself might be just coincidence, but it’s too damn funny. Earlier in the week – which seems like months ago – it was revealed that one of Trump’s investment deals was making money off the development of that Hydroxychloroquine stuff he’s been touting as a miracle cure because he’s a dumbass and misunderstood a French study on it. As interesting as it was, it turns out to be one of those things that was really just coincidence, all part of a much larger collection of investments. That’s how all that works, apparently.

However, a website called Sludge posted a story that a big-time cash bang for Trump as well as the Republican National Convention and winners like Ted Cruz also makes a shit-ton off the whole Hydroxychloroquine stuff. This guy’s wife was even serenaded by Trump during a party at Mar-A-Lago, which I don’t know.

But the best part is the guy’s name: Joseph Pizza. He also played in a band called Muffin, but despite his website’s bragging about how hot they were, I can’t find anything on them. Again, I don’t know much about this Sludge website and it could all be just another example of how investments work, but come on. Guy’s name is Joey Pizza. That’s a hoot.

So while the experts are telling us the most vulnerable of the American population will be seeing the worst of the COVID-19 plague, the absolute worst are claiming we all need to go back to work before the uber-wealthy lose less than one tenth of one percent of their billions. Also, because this state is run by the worst of the worst, the state Supreme Court refused to re-examine the case of Willie Nash. Remember him?

He’s the guy looking at doing 12 years in jail because the jailer in charge of his incarceration for a misdemeanor charge didn’t tell him he couldn’t have a cell phone. Furthermore, there’s no evidence that Nash was searched for a cell phone by said jailer, so Nash is facing a longer sentence than someone who was convicted of arson or poisoning with intent to kill. Yes, he’s black. Nash’s lawyer said he’ll go to the U.S. Supreme Court with this, but that’s full of complete bastards so good luck with that.

So, yeah. Have a nice weekend.

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