The Weekend: April 4-5, 2020

Hey, kids, before we get started with the Weekend Wrap-Up, how about some juicy links. Over at Blogger I wrote about video games and science fiction Tuesday, while Thursday we concentrated on frustration with all aspects of COVID-19, particularly the washed horde’s insistence on being buttholes about it. At Tumblr, I had some nice pieces on John Prine, The Old 97’s and my particular love of the art and craft of Journalism. Do check it out.

Another weekend’s upon us, and it’s beautiful outside. Someone I know in New Orleans said that for the first time in years, the weather down there’s been incredibly clement but no one can go outside and the plethora of festivals have been cancelled. That’s a drag, I know, but Mardi Gras did more damage than good, so kudos for them fighting the urge.

In any event, here in Enon Holler the weather is fantastic. A bit on the warm side, maybe, and that portends a brutal summer. We’ve managed to hunker down fairly well and have fallen into a decent rut. Otis and I take a constitutional every afternoon, usually a mile or two, while B.C. (the little one) follows us for a while before wandering off ’cause he can. He tries to mess with Otis by bellying up in front of him, but Otis is all business on the walk. He just likes to go.

Outside Itawamba County, though COVID-19 continues to burn through and the Trump Administration has quit pretending it’s going to be no big deal. On one side, it’s better than them pretending it’d be a bad case of the sniffles a few months back, but really. Having the president say during his daily press conferences that there will be a “lot of death” in the next two weeks doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. It’s true, but not what the average schlub wants to hear from the POTUS.

Credit where credit is due, the federal government is getting its ducks somewhere near a row, almost despite itself. The states’ governors – apart from nine particular dipsticks – have really stepped up, particularly in Washington, Louisiana and New York, coincidentally the three hottest infection places. There have been problems with logistics, which is to be expected when you have a member of the Lucky Sperm Club running things.

Here in Mississippi, things are growing nastier. Tate Reeves shook loose his desire to pooh-pooh the problem that marked his initial response and is trying to prepare us for the absolute stomping Mississippi is liable to get before April is out. Glad to see he could take time out of his busy schedule proclaiming this as Confederate Heritage Month, because apparently we’re still being dicks about it. One thing I found funny from Donna Ladd’s story was that Reeves has gone from the “yeah, the South caused this” stance of previous governors to “both sides had good points”. He’s got a lot of ties to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the little weasel, and that might wash out interesting before all is said and done.

And while it’s sort of been pushed out of the news, there’s still a Democratic Primary going on. Wisconsin plans on holding a vote Tuesday, despite being sorely underequipped when it comes to voting machines. Joe Biden still has a commanding lead over Bernie Sanders. In fact, one would say an almost insurmountable lead, and has announced he’ll start vetting vice-presidential candidates.

While he’s hanging in, it’s been reported that some of his own aides have been encouraging Sanders to throw in the towel. Apparently, he’s still kicking it around but it’s as likely as not he’ll call it a race by the end of the week. This has caused a portion of his faithful to announce they’ll vote for Trump despite endorsing Sanders, because they’re goddamn morons. This isn’t the majority and it seems to have been spurned on by podcaster Joe Rogan, who gets way more attention than he deserves.

Look, y’all, for all his faults, Joe Biden is better than Donald Trump any day of the week. One of Rogan’s dumbass reasons to be anti-Biden is that his cabinet will have too much pull. The fact that he thinks this will be bad – especially compared to the gang of two-bit crooks and boot lickers Trump keeps around him – goes to show that neither he nor anyone who pays attention to him know sheep shit from wild honey concerning American politics apart from pithy slogans.

Let’s ignore the Supreme Court for a moment. We’ll come back, but bare with me. This administration has actively and proudly overturned environmental and business regulations, partly because this is what Republicans want but mainly out of Trump’s petty spite that Barack Obama made fun of him that one time. The idea that he’ll shake up American’s foreign policy horrors holds no water when you remember he launched a missile strike against Iran forces in Iraq to buff his poll numbers, lied about the result and mocked American soldiers who reported injuries.

And there’s that little business concerning the southern border that he’s stirred up, stoking not only racist fears of a brown horde coming to take our jobs and stare luridly at our women, but also basically turning the Border Patrol into the Gestapo and making ICE even worse than it already was. Then there is the Supreme Court. I’m convinced that beyond the rest of their ignorance, the cod-socialist “left” are completely ignorant at what an ideological hitman and all-around awful human Brett Kavanaugh is. The whole “drunken fratboy rapist” thing is just the tip of the iceberg.

Two USSC seats are going to open up within the next four years. Ruth Bader Ginsberg can’t live forever, bless her old soul. A 7-2 conservative majority will not only put a halt to any progressive legislation for almost a generation, it will actively go after wingnut bête noires like abortion, voting rights and the ability to file suit against companies that, for example, continue to poison the water and foul the air. Granted, I’ve come to believe the vast majority of “brocialists” don’t really consider a woman’s bodily autonomy all that important and, despite what they say, they’re fine with corporations doing whatever their damn well please.

I get it, though. Joe Biden… man, who thought that was a good idea? People want to blame the Democratic Party for some sort of shenanigans, but the sad, sorry fact is he connected with the voters where Bernie Sanders did not. He had four years of Trumpism to do so, to bring the mushy middle into the fold, and failed pathetically, partly because he didn’t really try. I’ve said it before, you spend an election cycle telling a party to suck your dick and expect them to just trot along like loyal soldiers when you call on them, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself when it blows up in your face.

For what it’s worth, I don’t want Sanders to drop out until he feels staying in does more harm than good. For one, I align politically with him way more than Biden. Hell, he’s a centrist in my eyes. Secondly, Biden’s been in Washington way too long and has way too many skeletons in his closet. I don’t see Tara Reade being the end of it, and if nothing else, anyone who thinks the GOP will let that slide considering Trump’s own awful history is a goddamn fool.

I don’t think one is more electable than the other and the diehard “my guy or bust” are statistical minorities. Still, of the choices we’ve got, I see Sanders as our best shot and best to do the job, if he can get past his own nose. In any event, if there’s no chance of anyone toppling Trump, I’d rather go out with a big bang than a wet fart.

Make of that what you will.

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