Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Finally. Someone got through to Tate Reeves, the esteemed governor of Mississippi, and the tater-headed rascal issued a statewide shelter-in-place order. After starting last week with the arrogant announcement that we were “not China,” Reeves read the writing on the wall and did the right thing.

Of course, this is the “thing” he should’ve done this time last week and his arrogance has let the fire build to a point where we might not be able to handle it, but the past is past. Reeves also closed all places of amusement and recreation, including the miles of beaches along the coast. As we noted last week, Reeves came off as pretty cocky and massively misinformed about the dangers the state faces under the virus, especially considering the overall poor health of the citizens from the get-go and rickety health care system.

The intervening week saw him get a ton of criticism from mayors across the state. The same thing has happened in Florida, with Gov. Ron DeSantis getting his head out of his ass and shutting that state down long after the Spring Break meatheads all acted like Typhoid Marys. Again, spilt milk and I did dumb shit in my 20s as well, but like Reeves, DeSantis has been a dick about this the whole time.

One thing DeSantis noted – and this probably affected Reeves, as well, since he fights with the Florida governor for time on Trump’s shoes – that it was the president’s “somber tone” in yesterday’s daily rally. I can’t give him too much guff over that because the White House media collectively splooged their own pants at Trump’s “tone”. Now, I won’t watch the damn things, but he spent today’s railing about the drug war, warning about the “caravans” and waving his dick at Iran again while, of course, complaining about the media.

They’re still constantly looking for a point in time where, after three years, Trump “finally becomes presidential”. Yeah, I don’t know why, either, but I went into a bit about the overall problems with the media, especially at that level, at the Tumblr site this morning. In short, the press at that level isn’t going to shake up the Status Quo, even if they disagree with it, because they’re financially tied to it.

Furthermore, they’ve got a whole lot invested in the narrative that says a president is a wise and just leader, especially if he’s a really rich guy like Trump’s supposed to be. I go into more detail in the Tumblr piece, but that people are still shocked and dismayed over this instead of expecting it and adjusting accordingly is a bit silly.

It should be noted that Trump along with the rest of the GOP is trying to claim his recent impeachment on corruption and obstruction charges – the fourth president to do so and the first impeached before his first term was out, mind – is what kept him from adequately addressing COVID-19 in a timely manner. However, that’s obviously bullshit. Even worse, a quick look at the timeline shows that not only was impeachment in the bag well before the world started paying attention to what was going on in China, Trump spent plenty of time playing golf, holding his rallies and generally being his arrogant pig-headed self.

In an incredibly dick move, Trump announces that the Obamacare markets will not be reopened, thus cutting off who knows how many off from health care as over three million join the ranks of the unemployed. Now, it should be noted the normal market schedule will be hewed to – for the time being, anyway – but many have called for a special session so those recently let go from their work and, thus, losing their employer-connected insurance. That very thing, employer-connected insurance, has been touted as Too Good To Lose by folks who aren’t down with Medicare for All or single payer. I bet they feel like silly sausages now, huh?

In all seriousness, at the very least the government, state and federal, are finally taking this shit seriously. They’re admitted that at least 100,000 people might very well die. They’re acknowledging that despite the danger to the economy’s stability, people need to stay away from each other. Finally, they’re starting to own up that we need to listen to actual medical and scientific experts rather than partisan actors and dingbat New York Times journalists.

So there’s that there then. Once again, complaining about what should have been done by the “leaders” of the United States or the individual states to deal with this obvious problem, this worldwide epidemic really doesn’t help with going forward. With that all being said, one hopes we at least paid attention and can figure out who’s on the ball and who’s just worried about poll numbers and making money.

I won’t hold my breath, but hey… stranger things have happened.

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