Monday, March 31, 2020

I’m far from the first person to say this, but March has lasted forever. It’s amazing to think this month included Super Tuesday, and less than four weeks ago that was the main thing on everyone’s minds. Who would Elizabeth Warren endorse now that she’s dropping out of the race? Seems like a lifetime ago, and now we’re all going to spend the next 24 hours hoping everyone realizes that “April Fool’s” jokes are unnecessary.

And the ride’s just starting. After spending the bulk of the month pretending it wasn’t that big a deal, Trump started listening to Dr. Anthony Fauci and admitted we are in for a tough row to hoe. Where he once pretended we’d choke it off by Easter with around 500 deaths, our dopey president used his Daily Rally yesterday to extend virus protocols and saying if we can keep deaths to around 200,000, it could be considered a job well done.


Do what now?

Two-hundred thousand dead people is a good job? That is… certainly a take from our dipstick president. This was confirmed as a real probability by Dr. Fauci, about the only person in the administration is trying to do anything beyond keep Trump’s ass properly moistened, and that’s enough of a stunner to wrap our heads around. As of right now, we’re just a few death’s shy of the number of people killed on 9/11 up from less than 500 this time last week.

I doubt it would come as a surprise to anyone who’s read much of this that my personal politics lean fairly hard to the left. Even so, after those planes flew into the Twin Towers, I was willing to give George W. Bush a little room. Remember how he sat stunned and glassy-eyed for about 15 minutes after one of his aides told him what went down? A lot of people gave him shit for that and still do.

I couldn’t find it within myself to bust his chops for that. For one, he was around a bunch of kids and if anyone doesn’t need to see the president lose his shit, it’s a bunch of kids. But that was a moment that I think we as a culture still haven’t wrapped our heads around. A little confusion was warranted, I think.

Of course, he managed to shit the bed not long after with the expansion of governmental powers and surveillance, the stoking of fear and loathing, and the general mess the War On Terror became almost from the get-go. I never would’ve thought a president would’ve handled a fundamental change in how we as a culture view existence worse than that, but President Trump again goes below and beyond. He’s spent more time pitching fits at Yamichie Alcindor, former New York Times reporter currently with PBS Newshour because she read his words back to him, words that downplayed the issue, and blaming nurses for stealing breathing masks for… some reason.

And he’s not doing any better today. He’s gone after Alcindor again because she fails to show proper deference. He also bragged about his hair. Who the hell knows? This is what we get for letting the silly fucker become president. Oh, you didn’t like Hilary Clinton or “neo-liberals”? Good job.

Anyhow, we’re seeing differing reactions from the various state governors. Guys like Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo are dealing with runaway infections and deaths the best way they can, though some are being absolutely horrifying about it. Regular Trump targets like Gretchen Whitmer are going about it knowing no real help is coming from the federal government. Party state governors like John Bel Edwards of Louisiana or Ron DeSantis of Florida are approaching the reality that seasonal events turned out very badly. Of course, Edwards admitting Mardi Gras was a mess but had Washington D.C not dicked around, it wouldn’t be as much an issue (maybe). DeSantis is still just a dick.

Normal, non-governmental people are dealing with it in different ways. Some are being great, some are being as racist as one would expect. This is just anecdotal, but more people are moving around here in Mississippi. A mega-church pastor in Tampa Bay got nicked for holding services and a choir in Oregon held practice despite it being told it wasn’t a good idea. Dozens of people came down with COVID-19 and two are dead, so good job there.

Car companies are retooling their plants and General Electric workers walked off the job in Maryland and Boston, demanding the plants turn to making badly needed ventilators. Amazon and Instacart workers walked off the job because they’re being treated like shit and Jeff Bezos is a bastard.

One thing Trump did do was give up the Easter deadline for “getting back to normal,” pushing it back to April 30th. By June, he says, this will all be in the past and we’ll be getting back to making rich people richer, the American Way. Well… maybe. Most medical experts say that’s optimistic as is keeping the death toll under 200,000. We’re in for the long haul with this, neighbors, and it’s going to be worse than you thought it would be.

Blame the media all you want, but they did and are doing their job on this. As long as the President of the United States of America feels its necessary to say dumb shit in front of the entire nation, they’ll do their jobs and cover the goofy bastard. “Do your jobs,” I hear you tell them. Well, they are. You just don’t like how it’s being done.

Understandable, sure, but that’s just too damn bad. That’s journalism, baby. If you’re expecting bold, unflinching crusaders for Truth and Justice, you got the wrong message out of both No Exit and Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

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