Monday, March 23, 2020

Well, it was an interesting weekend, wasn’t it? Not a whole hell of a lot got accomplished, granted, but it was pretty interesting. So, let’s dig in and see if we can’t wrap our heads around whatever the hell is going on.

A little programming note first, though. As we noted yesterday, we’re going to implement that Project I discussed back before the end of the year. In short, this site will be nothing but news Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and lay fallow the rest of the week unless something drastic happens. If you want Gibberish – and you know you want Gibberish – that’ll be at the Blogger site, definitely on the fallow days and whenever the mood strikes me. The main point of this is to keep writing, so let’s quit dilly-dallying and get to it.

The COVID-19 illness caused by the coronavirus continues its spread throughout the nation and the world while the White House continues to bumble the response and spend more time letting our half-bright president go on national TV to pat himself on the back as he complains everyone is so mean to him. This is followed by his lackeys telling him, yes, he’s great and everyone’s mean to him. So, really nothing’s changed there, I guess. However, it is amusing to watch the adviser with some actual medical experience, Dr. Anthony Fauci, step up to the mic and tell reporters that, no, whatever dopey shit the president said wasn’t based in reality but he is, nevertheless, awesome. That poor bastard is starting to look like the beleaguered road manager of a particularly rambunctious ’70s hard rock band.

One thing that’s stuck in the craw of bipartisanship, which is a good thing when Republicans want it, was the failure of a near $2 trillion dollar stimulus package to help the battered economy. The Democrats weren’t down with it, mainly because it consisted of even more tax cuts and bailouts for large corporations, including luxury hotels which I’m sure just shocks everyone. Another thing at issue was a near $500 million discretionary fund controlled by the creepy Treasury Sec. Stephen Mnuchin and “dubious” oversight, to say the least. It would allow him to give money to who he (or Trump) wants and he wouldn’t have to tell who for six months. At best, normal people who aren’t corporations might see a one-time check of $1,200 to $3,000 that’d be added to next year’s taxes.

The Democrats called bullshit on that and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s spent all day throwing a fit about “obstruction” because he is just made of gall. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has introduced a $2.5 trillion counter bill that would, among other things, provide nearly four billion to figure out what to do about elections, $60 billion to go to schools, and language that says corporate boards and CEO’s wouldn’t be able to use any stimulus money for stock buybacks to line their own pockets. That last one is pretty much what they did with last year’s ginormous tax cut and, for some reason, they’re complaining they still don’t have enough money.

As for wingnuts on the ground, we’ve reached the “so we’ll get our hair mussed” stage of capitalism. Budget-rate wingnuts who do nothing but blog or podcast saying that despite the health dangers, the dirty plebes should go to work and like it, because the economy was just too precious. It’s not fair to bring it on the low-hanging fruit, as Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is all about grandparents sacrificing their lives for the rich’s bottom line, er, their grandkids’ future. Week before last it was the strongest economy ever, we were told. Now it’s as fragile as a baby bird made of glass.

On the lighter side of the of The News, libertarian nepotism beneficiary Rand Paul announced he had indeed tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday, despite spending the time between getting the test and the results co-mingling with his colleagues and working out in the Congressional gym. Paul, as you might remember, voted against last week’s quick-and-dirty bill to help out the people because Libertarianism Uber Alles. Furthermore, his racist con artist old man Ron Paul wrote one of his brainless screeds calling the whole coronavirus concern a “hoax”, so hopefully he gives his son a big hug in this trying time.

It makes sense Paul The Younger got tested, as he lost a bit of his lung thanks to that ass-whippin’ his neighbor gave him a few years back. His loss in the Senate threatens McConnell’s leverage when it comes to passing bills. Politics is politics, sure. What’s mind-blowing though, is rapist billionaire Harvey Weinstein also tested positive for COVID-19. Think about that. A man going to jail for rape and sexual assault gets a test when health care workers, just for example, across the country can’t, because even though he’s a rapist, he’s also rich.

Now, if that don’t sum up the American Situation nice and neat, I don’t know what does.

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