Sunday, March 22, 2020

A programming note.

Starting tomorrow, this site will be all News. As I’d planned back before New Year’s, I’ll be doing my little cod-journalism thing Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Maybe a weekend wrap up for Monday, a week in review for Friday, and Wednesday… hell, I don’t know, maybe shoot for one of the Deep-Dive Explanations I like to do from time to time. Not sure I could pull something like that off every week, but it’s a thought. It wouldn’t hurt for the whole thing to have a bit more professionalism. After all, I am a Professional.

The Blogger site will be for the Gibberish, like I did today. For the record, this delves into my moods and non-news related ponderings, whatever reading, playing or listening to, and who knows what else. For nothing else, it’s really helpful to bash stuff out of my head and onto a screen, as it were. I think that maybe has done me more concrete good than therapy, if I were to be honest. The Tumblr site will be mainly takes from YouTube videos and whatnot, like it has been. Not sure where I’ll put the off-the-cuff rants just yet, but probably Blogger.

I’m still wondering how the viewer count works out. I still get more views from Blogger than this site. This gets a little plug from my Twitter, for all that’s worth. I don’t go out of my way to interdict myself into the Twitter society much these days, and I really have no desire to argue with the average random dingbat who’s decided that their soupçon of knowledge puts them on the level of polisci professors. I don’t even follow people back anymore unless they engage with me and prove to not be tedious dipsticks. There’s something to be said about self-promotion, but man, I do not have the confidence of my younger days.

Anyhow, we’ll see how this works.

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