Friday, March 20, 2020

You know, I was going to write about the insider trading scandal going on in the Senate. I really don’t know much about the ins and outs of the stock market, but I read up a bit this morning and intended to do a little more research this afternoon. I mean, that’s no time to get fully educated in the business but I think I could get it nailed down enough to explain things.

And, of course, I wake up from my nap to find President Soggy Britches pitched another one of his typical crying fits because NBC’s Peter Alexander asked him, by all appearances, an incredibly softball question. I swear, I don’t know how so many people can delude themselves so thoroughly to think such behavior shows anything but a deeply insecure and delicate human being. But of course, the M-zombies have been wanking themselves raw about their Hero’s wit and strength. He also called his own State Department the “Deep State Department” and you know those poor bastards come to work every morning just loathing their jobs.

Anyhow. It wasn’t enough to fully knock out the insider trading scandal that’s pulled in four, perhaps five U.S. senators out of the news, but since we have to put all of President Full Diaper’s whines on full blast, it was enough to let the coronavirus news take back over. Almost like the news is “infected” with CORVID-19 information. Okay, that’s a Mike Huckabee-level pun for which I thoroughly apologies.

We’re up to 300 people infected in Mississippi and apparently there’s four people in ICU at the North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo. The one person from Lee County who’s been infected apparently worked at the Toyota plant over in Blue Springs. My oldest cousin’s husband works as an executive at that plant, and they’ve closed down business until April 6, which is probably for the best.

In news I’m not putting a lot of stock in yet, apparently someone who lives about five miles away has been diagnosed with coronavirus. This is trickling down through the local scuttlebutt, so grain of salt. The governor has ordered closed all the public schools until April 17 and Tupelo’s mayor has ordered all the cities’ restaurants closed. All of which is probably for the best.

Okay, so let’s touch on the insider trader business. As we noted last night, North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr was caught bragging about tossing 1.2 million dollars worth of stock after a closed-door meeting on the possible downsides of CORVID-19 damage to the American economy. Before the night was done, the Senate’s newest member, Georgia’s Kelly Loeffler was roped in. Both gave weak-ass rebuttals before the night was out.

Some interesting notes concerning Sen. Loeffler. She just started the first of the year, being appointed by Georgia’s crooked governor Brian Kemp after long-timer Johnny Isakson retired due to poor health. She’s married to Jefferey Sprecher, the current chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, and herself was CEO of Bakkt, a subsidiary of the company (owned by her husband) that now owns NYSE. She’s worth, just by herself, 500 million dollars.

And that’s still not enough money to satisfy her. Even better, after receiving this insider news she dumped all her cash into telework stock. Again, grain of salt as my wisdom on how important the stock exchange is to American life, but I do know it having its worst week since 2008, as well as the Federal Reserve’s slashing rates to near zero, is cause for concern among them that know. Burr claims he didn’t use the knowledge he had gleaned from his Senate chair. Remember, it wasn’t until last Monday the U.S. government actually acknowledged this coronavirus was something to worry about. So, sure, that’s easy to believe.

Since this morning, the scandal has also pulled in Wisconsin’s junior asshole Ron Johnson, who recently introduced legislation wanting to investigate Hunter Biden since the GOP has to pretend to care about that again. Loeffler’s fellow Georgian David Perdue also has some questionable trades as well as contentious Californian Senator Dianne Feinstein, the token Democrat so Republicans can pretend this is a serious issue.

Like Perdue, though, Feinstein’s trades are questionable but not the smoking guns of Burr, Loeffler and Johnson. However, I personally am more than willing to toss her to the wolves if the scandal brings down the possible fifth member: Oklahoma’sJim Inhofe. Not only is he a A-1 dirtbag, he’s also the dumbest member of the Senate and gives Louie Gohmert as serious run for his money as the dumbest member of Congress. This clown actively works against the health and safety of not only his constituents but also, given his dumbass climate change denial, the entire world.

Depending how it all washes out, this may not affect the make-up of the Senate all that much. Burr has said he’s not running for re-election in 2022 and the way North Carolina does things, whoever gets appointed to his seat has to be a Republican. Come November Loeffler’s up against hardcore MAGAt loon Doug Collins, so no big loss for the GOP there. Wisconsin and California both have a Democratic governors, which could come into play. As for Oklahoma, who gives a damn, just get Inhofe’s ass out. He’s linked to the Family, for more edification as to why he sucks out loud.

Okay for that. Tennessee’s just announced its first death due to CORVID-19 and governors from California to New York are telling people to stay inside. Fox News is pretending that they always took this pandemic seriously, and Tucker Carlson’s getting undue credit for calling for Burr’s resignation, because white people are desperate to take that pencil-necked geek seriously.

Have a nice weekend.

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