Sunday, March 15, 2020

Y’all, I’ve seen CORVID-19 truthers running lose on Twitter. No, not “Deep State” or “the CDC and WHO just want to bring down the president” or “Democrats and the media are overplaying this to tank the economy” Nope, honest-to-goodness conspiracy theories that are claiming this whole worldwide pandemic is an attempt by the government, with Russia’s help, to do… something.

To be honest, I really can’t tell if this is coming from the left or the extreme right (American version). There are some far-right dingbats who see Trump as “too easy” on certain groups – usually Jewish folks because assholes have always had a serious mad-on for the Jews – and figure there must be “something they’re not telling us”. There’s a certain segment of the Right that Trump’s never snagged, guys that make Stephen Miller look like Jesse Jackson. And there’s no doubt there’s plenty of loons on the Left who can’t connect Point A to Point B so they toss all concepts of logic and even reality out the window.

We saw this with 9/11. People all over the political spectrum examining every bit of evidence on video of the Twin Towers falling and decide there’s nothing else for it than a wide-ranging, super-complicated, wide-ranging conspiracy that included ever facet of state and national government either in conjunction with Saudi Arabia or using them as patsies. It’s apparently too much to just accept that the United States government was so sloppy with defense despite all the money spent on it that it could fail that hard. Why, I don’t know, but it’s easier for some people to cry conspiracy than it is to admit incompetence.

A lot of this is trying to tie into Robert Mueller’s investigation and report. There are plenty of loonies across the Twittersphere that do the Left no good whatsoever. Louise Mensch, for example, had a nice little career going on for a while, ranting and raving about Trump and Russia while showing a complete and total misunderstanding on how the U.S. government, particularly the Supreme Court, operates. Now, this isn’t to say there wasn’t anything going on between Russia and Trump’s election, but Mueller’s report was never supposed to be a smoking gun. It was supposed to kick Congress into gear, which it did, resulting in Trump’s impeachment back in February.

On top of this, we’ve got Steve Smith – the guy who owns Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge and a mess of other Nashville beer joints – putting out a press release defending a picture of a crowd club in Music City, arguing that it’s an example of people “not letting fear rule their lives”. Look. I don’t know how many times this has to be said, but this ain’t 9/11. Defiantly going out to get shit-housed like it’s any other Saturday night isn’t showing bravery or control of one’s life against the world. It’s just a dumbass idea and it wouldn’t kill you to stay home a bit, maybe develop an inner life that doesn’t revolve around mass quantities of alcohol.

And for that matter, the idea that CORVID-19 was developed for nefarious purposes by any government – the U.S., Russia, China or, hell, Sierra Leone – or individual – long past his 15 minutes fascist David Clarke is “asking” why no one has investigated George Soros’ involvement – is not only silly and a waste of time, it’s incredibly unhelpful. Once again, the only thing we really know about this is that it is infectious as hell, does a serious number on the elderly and folks with weakened immune systems, and that initial counts of just how many people were walking around with were seriously uncounted. Y’all just chill. We’ve got enough trouble as it is.

Anyhow. That’s enough for tonight. Whatever’s got me shut down all week’s still kicking around. I’m not terribly interested it trying to squeeze out anymore nonsense, and I’ve reached word count, anyway.

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