Saturday, March 14, 2020

Man, I do not know what’s wrong with me this week. Another night with nothing going on in my head or nothing (particular) in the News that’s sparking fire. On the upside, I don’t see the need for much bellyaching, navel gazing or house keeping. So, there’s that there, then.

Well… a little house keeping. Over at the Blogger site, I’ve got the week’s worth of Gibberish from this site linked, with a little food on top. I’ve decided that for the foreseeable future, the Daily Nonsense, News and Gibberish, will be here. When I get the odd wild hair and feel like indulging in a little stream-of-consciousness blithering, that’s what Blogger’s for. Everything will still be linked to the Tumblr site, just because that’s connected to the Twitter feed and just makes everything easier. Okay? Okay. Remember, if you have any complaints, you’re not paying for this and, thus, do not have a say.

All right, then. Let’s take a look at the News and, once again, dig out some more information about the CORVID-19 outbreak. Close to home, Governor Tate Reeves graciously cut short his family’s vacation in Spain – which locked itself down once they got out – to announce a state of emergency for Mississippi. I pick on our SPAM-like governor and his jet-setting ways, but this was definitely the best move he could’ve made. At this writing, there’s only been six verified cases of CORVID-19 in the state but anyone with a little sense knows it’s just kicking off and going to get worse. Quite frankly, we’re not the healthiest group of folks in the country at the best of times nor do we have our shit together as well as most others.

One thing we all need to realize is that this “social distancing” is probably the best thing we can do in a world where the president’s a petulant, self-centered buffoon that has absolutely no business running a Kwik-Sak in rural Alabama much less have control of the nuclear codes. We just have to live with that for the time being. And a lot of big deals are being cancelled or postponed for a few weeks until we get a better handle on things. Like we’ve noted a number of times, the only thing we know about CORVID-19 is that it’s infectious as hell and more people are carriers than we originally assumed.

The NCAA tournament’s been cancelled and the SEC tournament’s been postponed, a lot of schools are suspending classes, and all sorts of festivals and conferences are taking a break. Seriously, this isn’t just the best thing we can do, it’s just about the only thing we can do until the lab coats and double-domes can come up with the proper medication or at least a better grasp on how it spreads and affects people.

Is it a drag? Well, maybe for you social-type people who don’t enjoy living like a hermit, I’m sure it is. But suck it up, neighbors, it has to be done if we want the good ending. Don’t be like these boobs. In short, places were Saint Patrick’s Day is a big deal, from New York City to Dublin, are cancelling or postponing their parades and faux-Irish to-dos because of worry and uncertainty over the virus.

Nevertheless, there’s been a horde of inebriated dipsticks invading the Windy City, getting drunker than monkeys and getting shitty about “living their lives”. This is despite Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker asking people to take their drunken asses home. I used to New Orleans, so I know how awful tourists can be when they’re intent on getting massively, obnoxiously shit-faced, so my heart goes out to the good folks tending bar, waiting tables, and working kitchens in the City With Big Shoulders for these honky peckerheads.

Also, the bulk of them seem to be younger people, so way to live up to that stereotype of feckless, selfish Millennials pissing in everyone’s flower garden. Good job, y’all. Well done. That being said, it’s been pointed out this younger generation was raised under the shadow of 9/11 and the complete insanity masking itself as “safety” that followed afterwards.

One last thing: this asshole. I’m sure by now we’ve heard of this yutz from Chattanooga, Matt Colvin, and what kind of asshole he is. The day after the first announced death in the U.S. on the first of March, Colvin and his brother Noah cleaned the shelves all over Chattanooga of hand sanitizer. Colvin spent the next three days putting 1,300 miles on a U-Haul truck buying up all the hand sanitizer throughout Tennessee and Kentucky. Before it was all over, he had almost 18,000 individual units and planned on making a mint selling them on Amazon or eBay at an incredible mark-up as “a public service“.

That is until Amazon and eBay, in a rare display of non-shitassery especially for the former, stepped on his nuts and put a stop to it. Now he’s sitting on 17,700 cases of hand sanitizer that, if he’s lucky, he’ll be able to donate and the knowledge that the rest of the world looks at him like we collectively look at ambulance-chasing lawyers and polyester suit-wearing used car salesmen. There’s a couple of folks who’ve actually been able to make a buck on people’s fears, and I doubt they’ll be the last. There’s nothing in particularly against the law about and, hey, that’s capitalism, baby. Gotta respect the hustle, right?

Look, don’t do that and especially don’t pat yourself on the back for being a greedy douchebag. When we’re in the midst of an emergency, don’t take advantage of people to make a shit-ton of money for stuff that might be better served if the public get to it on their own. Back during Katrina, some dick was renting portable generators for a hundred bucks an hour. Again, not illegal but definitely not the behavior of a “hero” as many of my libertarian acquaintances wished to claim. A real hero cuts people deals, he doesn’t make money off their misery. You dick.

That’ll do, I think, pretty good deal. Better than yesterday, anyway. Coming back around, y’all, be smart. Don’t go out when you don’t need to, wash your hands, and maybe find a good book to read. You can drink at home, you know, you don’t have to go out with a bunch of liquored-up fenderheads to get so drunk you’ve shat yourself by 11 a.m.

Okay, good talk, everyone.

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