Wednesday, March 11, 2020

It’s 9 p.m. as I start this, which is probably the latest I’ve started that didn’t involve me falling asleep accidentally. The foul mood blowing around all day – hell, all year – hasn’t left, and frankly, I’m just not up for it. It all seems like a waste of time, but I guess it’s better than nothing.

I did fall asleep this evening, but it was intentional. I couldn’t tell you if anything special is causing the bad case of the blues but it’s that kind that makes me want to do nothing but sleep. I’ve got that damn CPAP machine operating like it should, but I still want to do nothing but sleep. Just doing anything requires effort to get up and get out of bed. I really wish I could figure out what’s the cause behind that. Since I don’t smoke as much weed as I used to, I’m remembering my dreams and those are never a comfort.

Anyway. I’m fairly close to beating Two Worlds 2. Matter of fact, I’m only the last boss fight and keep getting stomped into the ground. I get weird when I come to the end of games, particularly long, involved RPG’s. Don’t ask me, but I imagine it’s the same reason I’ve put off watching the last episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 or reading the last Hercule Poirot story written by Agatha Christie. I honestly don’t know where that comes from and it’s a fairly recent occurrence. I’ve been sitting on the endgame of Pathfinder: Kingmaker for over a month, and I don’t get it. Things end, stories end, that’s what makes them stories.

One of the reasons I never could get back into comic books was the lack of ending while at the same time never shaking up the status quo. That’s not how life works. This is getting a bit of morbid, but that’s the mood I’m in. In any event, I’ve been messing with the DLC’s from Two Worlds 2 and they are not as well made as the main game, to say the least. And the base game is fairly rickety itself but gets by on its charm and weirdness.

Speaking of stories, though, I have been reading a pretty entertaining Weird Western. It’s called Boomtown by James Moore, and I’d say it’s actually a better-than-average spooky shit-kicker. It deals with undead Apaches, skinwalkers and a protagonist that’s either a sorcerer, a vampire or a demon, or something along those lines. It seems to be the set-up for a series featuring that protagonist, and series never sit well with me. This book is good, though, and with about a third left to go, I’m interested in seeing how it all wraps up.

I’m just not into the News today and especially not in to wrapping my head around the fallout from yesterday’s primary elections. I wrote something off the cuff last night spurred on by the reaction to Joe Biden’s drubbing of Bernie Sanders across the nation. It’s not good and the most I’ll say here is that if all it takes for Sanders’ followers to give up on their “revolution” is that he doesn’t get the nomination – or indeed, doesn’t win it in a landslide – they weren’t that sincere in their desire for serious political change. I don’t know, you be the judge.

The CORVID-19 to-do is ramping up, but don’t worry, Jared Kushner is on the job. No, really, the president’s son-in-law who’s experienced in little more than being a slum lord and being the president’s son-in-law is lamped to “deal” with the crisis that the United States is completely unprepared for, partly due to the Administration’s active efforts to kneecap the country’s ability to deal with something just like that. Who knows where Mike Pence is now, but the continued bumbling, spiteful incompetence and outright mendacity of the Trump Administration and the GOP in general, aiding the spread of the virus in the United States, well… sometimes being isolated in the boonies has its pluses. I’m especially glad I’m no longer working in the service industry.

Of course, Mississippi’s now got a possible case of the coronavirus novel going on as a man in Forrest County looks to have come down with it. In classic Mississippi style, the guy may’ve picked it up in Florida instead of traveling abroad. This is serious business, though, as both the SEC and NCAA are restricting attendance to games, essentially keeping the fans away, which is wild considering March Madness is just around the corner. So, this is serious business indeed.

Now, this is something. A quick glimpse at the news tells us that because of a Utah Jazz player testing positive for CORVID-19, the NBA is suspending its season for the foreseeable future. Plus, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson also tested positive. The Dow continues to plummet and the president has suspended travel to Europe.

I don’t know what to tell you, friends and neighbors. Wash your hands, keep cool, and if you start feeling poorly, don’t go to work if you can wing that. Granted, most folks can’t miss a day of work without getting canned and that little aspect of American will probably make the spread of the virus that much worse. We have a complete goddamn moron as president and far too many mouth-breathing dingbats who think the dumb son of a bitch is the only source of truth and the “media” is “out to get him” because they’re stupid and gullible. What’s worse, they’re not going to change any time soon and would rather see the world burn than turn against their Blind Idiot God.

I really don’t know what to tell you.

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