Sunday, March 8, 2020

Another night with nothing in particular to work with or write about. So it’s going to another night where I ramble on until 500 words before maybe getting on a streak and stretching it out to 1,000. One of these days I’m going to go to the well once too  often and dry up all my bullshit.

I didn’t do much today worth note, either. Good bit of napping, reading through different books, and a nice constitutional with Otis. Not a bad Sunday but definitely not interesting. That’s fine with me, don’t get it twisted. There was a time in my life where the long hours of a lazy Sunday would drive me nuts. Nowadays, though, lazy Sunday afternoons can last forever.

Nothing in the News really strikes my interest. More about the spread of CORVID-19 throughout the United States and the half-ass way the government is handling it. Not to downplay the seriousness of both, but goddamn, how many times can one person point out the president is a hapless egomaniac with the brains of a tuna?

Thanks to that cruise ship off the coast of California, something like 21 states have links to someone with the virus and already 34 have reported cases. It’s been a week since it became an issue and the Trump Administration still doesn’t have a plan to deal with it when or if they let it dock. Someone woke up Ben Carson to go on the Sunday talk shows so he could fail to inspire anyone who wasn’t already in the cult to confidence. They swear they’ll have something by the time the Grand Princess makes landfall, though. Sure.

So much for that. Or we could go into the mating dance Bernie Sanders is putting on the attract an endorsement from Elizabeth Warren and, more importantly, the votes of her supporters. Especially this coming Tuesday, which could make or break the man from Vermont. Kamala Harris came out for Joe Biden, which is interesting, considering that in some estimates her voting record is more progressive than Sanders. I imagine a lot of it has to do with the aggressiveness Sanders has shown going after the same “Democratic establishment” he now hopes to court.

I still say that’s poor politics and is going to see him losing more and more delegates to Biden. It may be stirring the loins of the disaffected, and that’s no mean feat. A whole lot of people in this country are tired of “politics as usual”, which isn’t that striking a statement. I’ve heard it since I started paying attention to politics, and that was Reagan-Mondale ’84. It’s like someone claiming to be a “Washington outsider,” a rote, meaningless saying now.

Again, don’t get it twisted. I plan on voting for Sanders in the Mississippi primary come Tuesday. So he’s got the all-important “Dear Y’all, From Matt Thompson” endorsement locked up. As I’ve said a number of times, in a fair, reasonable universe he’d be a left-leaning centrist and, quite frankly, I don’t think he goes far enough. Billionaires would be fearing for their lives if I had my way. Sanders is doing little more than what FDR did and keeping the working poor from stringing them up by their intestines, no more no less.

Pizza’s done, so I’m going to tie this off here. Maybe I’ll come back, but I’ve got 500 words, so maybe not.

Okay, so I’ve stared at this screen for the better part of an hour and all I’ve gotten done was listen to Swamp Dogg’s 2014 The White Man Made Me Do It, which is pretty good. Told you, he’s been a beast the last little while. Enjoy the rest of Sunday and we’ll see y’all tomorrow.

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