Monday, March 2, 2020

This is coming in late tonight, obviously. I’ve been a bit of a mess today and, I ain’t going to lie, I’ve been putting this off. But, here we are and here I am, so let’s knock this out.

Truth be told, the Blues got a hold of me and I spent most of the day trying to avoid the rest of reality. I woke up to the rain they said would be coming and, frankly, I decided that since I had nothing better to do, I’d stay where I was. Not to put too fine a point, the Sleep had me by the throat and I did not fight it.

Still, let’s move on. The Financial Times published a ridiculously story and used the character of Robin Hood to illustrate why anything but unrestrained capitalism was bad. So, I wrote this, which has less to do with what the Financial Times was trying to say (?) and more with what I think is the appeal of the Robin Hood myth, tying it in with anarchism and how people who are fighting for a radical change in society have a responsibility to to keep in mind those who are unable to fight for various reason, and not just treat them as acceptable casualties. Maybe I didn’t get my point across, but read it and let me know.

I really don’t have much to say. Partly because I spent all day hiding, which does little but soften up my mind more thoroughly than any drug I’ve ever taken, and partly because I’m just now shaking loose of a serious case of the Blues and reverting to my normal level of ennui, which is damn depressing to think about. I go see the Psych Doc tomorrow and have to figure out how to tell him the past month has been a bit of a bust.

In any event, a quick look at the News, if just to fill up space. I guess the big deal today was Amy Klobuchar’s announcement she was suspending her campaign for the Democratic nomination for President. She was fighting with Elizabeth Warren for fourth place going into this past weekend, but that was before yesterday when Pete Buttigieg, who held down third, announced he was calling it a day. Before tonight’s over – and they may’ve already done it – both are expected to throw their support behind Joe Biden.

Buttigieg has 26 delegates to Klobuchar’s 7, and while each state has different rules for what happens when candidates who’ve won have dropped out, for the most part they’ll report to the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee in July as “unpledged” delegates and they’ll be free to vote for whoever they chose. A few states require delegates to vote for who was originally chosen, but a contested convention will allow them to vote for whom they chose to break up the log jam.

It’s generally assumed that those delegates will go to Biden, however, since Buttigieg and Klobuchar – along with Texas’ Beto O’Rourke, who dropped out yonks ago – are expected to throw their support behind him. This, of course, should surprise no one, since all three represented the “moderate” wing of the 2020 Democratic nomination. Like with Mayor Pete, there was no burning reason for Klobuchar to drop out except she probably saw the writing on the wall after Biden’s commanding win in South Carolina. She could’ve very well won her home state of Minnesota, but there you go.

That narrows the field down to four, with Biden trailing Bernie Sanders 57-50 and Warren pulling up in third with eight. Tulsi Gabbard is still officially in the race but she’s been a non-entity for so long I don’t see her affecting the outcome all that much. Warren staying in may confuse some, since she’s really not set the world on fire. But over 1,300 delegates are up for grabs tomorrow and all sorts of things can change.

A number of folks with problems of hero worship are seeing this as another part of the conspiracy to keep Sanders away from the nomination, but that really doesn’t scan. As we noted above, Klobuchar and Buttigieg are centrists who don’t have the cache Biden has. Another thing people are ignoring is that the South Carolina primary saw a near-record turnout, only topped by Barack Obama’s win there in 2008. Of around 524,000 votes (they’re still counting, mind) Biden snagged more than everyone else combined with 256,000.

Again, Super Tuesday can change the game entirely. It’ll also see the introduction of Michael Bloomberg, who so far has not been on the ballot. Whether he’ll have an impact or not remains to be seen. Biden’s doing better in the South and among African American voters. Super Tuesday includes states like California, Minnesota and Colorado, which are more liberal states, as well as Massachusetts, Warren’s home state.

Otherwise, despite Trump’s bullshit, CORVID-19 continues making a bigger mess in the United States. We’re up to six deaths nationwide, and fears of the virus are having adverse affects on both the stock market and mortgage rates. We’re also seeing runs on things like toilet paper and hand sanitize, and people are perhaps winding themselves up a bit.

On a national level, the government is sleeping on the job somewhat, mainly because of the idea that the only reason people are getting worked up about this in order to “bring down” Trump rather than people being, you know, afraid of getting sick and dying. For the most part, though, states are picking up the slack where the federal government seems more concerned with the president’s reelection chances. Again, the main thing to do is wash your hands thoroughly, maybe get a flu shot, and remember your Douglas Adams: don’t panic.

So that’s that. Hopefully I can fully shake this funk and maybe even score some paying work. It’s a little frustrating that all my attempts have turned up nothing so far, but it’s a journey not arrival that’s important. I really don’t have anything to add to that, but I did want to reach 1,000 words, so there you go.

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