Sunday, March 1, 2020

Well, it’s the first day of March. I don’t know if that means anything, but I do know we’ve got more rain coming late tonight and it’s supposed to hang around until Wednesday. It’s been a lovely weekend, though. So it goes.

I guess the big news was Joe Biden’s fairly commanding victory in yesterday’s primary in South Carolina. Like we discussed yesterday evening, his victory was called pretty much as soon as the polls closed – infuriating people who didn’t vote until 2016 and never bothered to go back to learn – but it’s pretty much. He’s pulled fairly close to leader Bernie Sanders, who’s up 58-50.

The big news came this evening as Pete Buttigieg announced he was suspending his campaign. It comes as a bit of a shock as he was a fairly solid third-place run and, mathematically, is no where near out of the race. One would assume he’d have held until Super Tuesday, two days from now, when things will be root hog or die for everyone apart from Sanders and Biden.

However, since things got into gear, Buttigieg has had trouble catching the eye of African American voters and one assumes he took a look at the pre-election polling, saw the ass kicking that was coming, and decided to cut bait. He’s a young man and has more chances ahead of him. For his sake, I do hope he takes a good, hard look at what worked in this campaign and, particularly, what didn’t. He came into the race a rather fresh face but leaves it as one of the more boringly centrist candidates in a race that already has Joe Biden.

That being said, it’s a good thing he ran and a great thing he did relatively well for as long as he did. He’s certainly not the first gay man on the national political stage, but his candidacy represents a huge step forward for our culture. A few conservatives were shitty about who he loved, but they’re shit asses anyway. Most people, if they had a problem with his policies, it was more due to his antipathy at shaking up the healthcare industry’s tree any. I’m not gay and, obviously, have no idea what all that entails, but I do guess there’s some kids out there in American Suburbia who slept a little easier with his run.

Also, Tom Steyer dropped out yesterday but absolutely no one cares except, maybe, him and possibly his wife. Even more white bread than Mayor Pete, Steyer’s campaign was notable for awkwardly getting between a feuding Sanders and Elizabeth Warren at one debate, dancing hysterically poorly at a campaign event a couple days ago, and absolutely nothing else. Worth around 1.6 billion dollars, Steyer spent 67 million of it – or the change he found in his couch, more or less – on this nothing of a run when that money could’ve been spent better on other candidates, Democratic Senatorial candidates, and helping Mike Bloomberg to buy Fox News. But there you go.

And then there were six. Unless something drastic happens between now and then – and you never know –Super Tuesday will see Sanders, Biden, Warren (eight delegates), Amy Klobuchar (seven delegates), Michael Bloomberg (nil), and, for some reason, Tulsi Gabbard, who really hasn’t been heard from since around the first of the year apart from the odd appearance on mainstream media, i.e. Fox News, complaining that the mainstream media isn’t paying her any attention. For someone who roared in like a lion, since her “feud” with Hillary Clinton, she’s definitely become a lamb since. Hell, Andrew Yang’s got more support online and he hasn’t made a peep in a month.

Super Tuesday will see the first actual competition from Bloomberg as he’s not been on the ballots so far. While we don’t vote until March 10, Bloomberg has run a massive push through Mississippi trying, one assumes, to lock up the black vote. Something like $2.3 million, which amounts to you or me buying a frozen pizza, went into television and radio ads. I have no idea how well it’s worked, though I know Momma keeps asking me why I don’t like him.

Anyhow, as we noted above, Tuesday should cut out at least one or two more candidates. Apart from Gabbard, and no one knows what sort of fresh hell she’ll unleash. The Anti-Bernie side is calling on him to drop out, which is stupid, and the anti-Joe is calling the same thing, which is equally stupid. I imagine Bloomberg will stay in until at least after next Tuesday; I really don’t see him doing all that well. No one likes New York billionaires unless they have a television show, come on now.

As for Warren and Klobuchar, again, who knows, but I see Warren sticking around longer than Klobuchar if either has a bad Super Tuesday. She is a pistol. I could see either picking up a few more delegates when all is said and done, but I don’t think there’s much a path left for anyone but Sanders or Biden.

Anyhow. A new month, who knows what it’ll bring. I’ve been neglecting the home state lately, but that’s just as well. Another two prisoners died in Parchman last week, one Thursday and one Friday. This brings the total up to 21 since the first of the year. Sunflower County Coroner Heather Burton says there’s no signs of foul play but both corpses will be sent to Jackson for further autopsy. You might not think there’s something wrong with that, but trust me, there is. And since we haven’t done it in a while, here’s a link to the petition for the state of Mississippi to take another look at the criminally unfair and unconstitutional 12-year sentence Willie Nash received for having a cell phone in jail when no one told him he wasn’t supposed to have one. Far as I can tell, there’s been no movement on this since the end of January.

Speaking of the ongoing horror that is Life in Modern America, the shooting last week in Madison, WI, that took the life of five people appears to be the result of an on-going feud between the shooter and a co-worker. Everyone killed were employees of Molson Coors and were residents of Madison. The youngest was 33 and the oldest was 61. The shooter had been working for the company for 17 years as an electrician. Anyone who tells you there’s a political motivation behind it or that the shooter did so in the name of this candidate or that president is a lying dirtbag and should be kicked squarely in the nuts as hard as possible.

Finally, the first death from CORVID-19 in the U.S. was revealed. It occurred in Washington state and it appears the gentleman in question had not traveled recently. Trump reported the deceased was a woman but no one expects him to pay attention to anything important when there’s conspiracy bullshit to spread. W learned that the lab for testing kits used by the Center For Disease Control – which is run by a guy who thinks AIDS was God’s judgement against homosexuals (of course he’s a Trump appointee) – may have been contaminated.

Wash your hands thoroughly, friends and neighbors, and don’t count on those surgical masks. If you’re an employer and own a restaurant, maybe don’t be a dick about employees calling in sick. Maybe do that all the time, not just when there’s a worldwide pandemic, you cheap gonnif bastard.

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