Friday, February 28, 2020

Hell, I don’t know.

No idea what we’re going to do this evening and, to be quite honest, I’m not real sure I have any desire to continue the day. Work must, but goddamn, I am tired. Oh, before I get started, here’s something from the Tumblr site I wrote last night about Hank Williams and Anita Carter dueting on “I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You” from the Kate Smith Show. I like it.

I woke up this morning to see MAGAts absolutely losing their shit because Garth Brooks was wearing a Detroit Lions jersey with the number 20 on it and “Sanders” on the back while playing Ford Field in Detroit. Anyone with half a lick of sense would know he was paying homage to Hall Of Fame running back Barry Sanders, about the only thing worth paying attention to on the Lions throughout the ’90s. Hell, for all I know, he’s still able to run rings around the current Detroit defense.

Also, Sanders was a stand-out at Oklahoma State and Brooks is from Tulsa. I didn’t know this until just now – or didn’t remember it, anyway – but Brooks himself went to OSU on a track scholarship where he threw javelin. That’s sort of neat, so of course it makes perfect sense he’d be an admirer of Sanders. Oklahoma’s not officially the South but it’s close enough to where the NFL is just a diversion but College Football’s a religion.

However, Trump supporters, being the razor-sharp wonders they are, lost their shit because they thought he was wearing the shirt for Bernie Sanders. Furthermore, one super genius said, it was light blue and blue is the Democrats color, therefor logic. Sanders (Barry, that is; no word on what Bernie thinks) and Brooks had a good laugh about it on Twitter, everyone who wasn’t already worshiping Trump had another example of why his supporters are the dumbest things walking the Earth apart from Libertarians, and the MAGAts continued to insist it was for Bernie Sanders and carried on with their rage-filled Twitter wanking.

Because that’s what they do. For all the talk  of the permanently aggrieved, “triggered” liberals, no one runs on pure, uncut rage and hatred as the average Trump-worshiping “conservative”. Hell, that’s why he’s so popular with them. He’s in South Carolina right now telling a stadium full of goons that the media is evil and anyone who isn’t them only exists to destroy America, Liberty and Jesus.

Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney spent the morning and afternoon spewing nonsense that all the hoopla about the ongoing coronavirus (CORVID-19) is merely the evil left-wing media trying to bring down Trump, hero-god he is. The president himself is even calling it a hoax. Because that makes perfect sense and, naturally, the rest of the entire world is in on it as well.

I guess we could look into the various and sundry ways the Trump Administration is continuing to fumble the ball on the government’s response to the spreading of the virus to our shores, particularly as the markets continue to crater. But why bother? Why go into detail? They’re either pretending it’s not a big deal or acting like it’s only an issue because someone hates Trump. The only thing they’re really concerned about is the economic troubles that continue in the wake and how it affects Trump’s reelection chances come November. And, of course, the MAGAts are convinced this is how Reality actually is.

Cast your mind back to July 4, 2017, during Trump’s first year and his then-not-quite-fully-gone worshipers lost their ever-loving shit because NPR recited the Declaration of Independence, like they do every year, and the MAGAt dingbats thought it was an attack on their Blind Idiot God. I was in the hospital at the time, after learning my blood pressure was out of goddamn control, watching it in real time. It was hilarious and they’ve only gotten dumber.

And the real funny thing? Garth Brooks could very well be a Bernie Sanders supporter and it wouldn’t be too far out of his wheelhouse. Despite country music’s well-deserved reputation for being a bastion of illiberal thought and conservative “values”, Brooks has long been a fairly progressive cat with both his songs and his charity work. He even played Obama’s inauguration in 2008 and refused to do the same for Trump.

I’m not saying he is or isn’t. I’m just saying I wouldn’t be surprised. I know the average conservative thinks Sanders (Bernie this time; I have no idea where Barry stands on the political spectrum) is a wild-eye, red-rimmed radical communist intent on destroying Capitalism and America and Jesus, but that’s because the dumb bastards don’t understand what “socialism” is. In a sane political climate, he’d be a left-leaning centrist and if actually represented any real danger to the Stinking Rich and Capitalism in general, he’d be dead in a ditch somewhere.

Back in 2005, Willie Nelson – who’s spent year championing farmers, marijuana legalization, biofuels, and American Indian issues – cut some songs for the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack. If you young’uns don’t remember, Brokeback Mountain was a movie about to cowboys who fell in love and the nascent internet wingnut crowd went goddamn insane. It was so bad that when one of the stars, Heath Ledger, was named as the Joker for an upcoming Batman movie, the guys who’d eventually become GamerGate honestly thought he’d play the Clown Prince of Crime as gay. Because, again, they’re stupid and small minded.

Anyhow, Willie cut Bob Dylan’s “He Was A Friend Of Mine” and a silly little waltz by songwriter Ned Sublette called “Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other”. He also came out in favor of gay marriage, showing support and love for his manager and long-time friend David Anderson, who’d came out just two years previously. As I said, conservatives went nuts at this news. This was just a year after George W. Bush ran on making gay marriage unconstitutional so as to drum up continued support for his illegal war in Iraq.

The usual nonsense was spread like the manure it is. Serious conservatives claimed it wasn’t real and just another way to show how “cool” and “tolerant” one was, the latter word being what they spat out in contempt before white people appropriated “woke”. The common herd swore they’d never buy another Willie Nelson album and were destroying the ones they had.

Eventually we all moved on and conservatives found something else to be aneurysm-causing outraged about. If I recall, they were losing it over the idea that all Mexicans, Central Americans in general, and Chicanos in particular were trying to restore Azltan, because Lou Dobbs has always been a racist dickbag. Just in case you thought Trump ever had an original idea, don’t.

Anyhow, that’s how we started our day. We blame it on the internet or even Trump, but the former’s just a medium and the latter’s more a result than a cause. To quote Frank Zappa, “People, we ain’t too bright.” At least I think he said that, hell, I don’t know. Past his guitar playing – where he is indeed a monster – a little Zappa goes a long way for me. I got a solid eight hours of sleep last night – the first time in I don’t know how long – and still feel like a slug.

Have a nice weekend.

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