Sunday, February 16, 2020

Okay, we’re ready to do this. It’s 8:15 p.m., Hillbilly Standard Time, and those were pretty good ribs. I just pounded out a thousand words on honky-tonk royalty, so I don’t know if I’m even going to try hitting 500 words.

I’m getting that weird throbbing behind my ears that would almost feel like one of my blood-pressure headaches if it was behind my eyes. I’m going to consider that a good thing. I thought writing about politics was making that happen, but no. A bit of effort on a bit of passion,  and I guess it will wear you out.

And if anything else, I am passionate about country music, especially the stuff that fell through the Narrative’s cracks. It’s all a story, remember, and “it’s just a word” is a foolish, lazy denial of the power in such. The story of country music pretends it’s a black line dividing Honky Tonk and the Nashville Sound, but it ain’t. I know no one cares about this but me, but do bear with me.

So, today’s Jukebox selection turned out to be the 1968 cover of Willie Nelson’s honky-tonk two stepper “Under The Right” by Texas legend Johnny Bush. In short, Johnny and Willie helped make each other’s careers back when the whole concept of “Outlaw” was a dirty gleam in Tompall Glaser’s eye and the dance halls ruled supreme. Johnny Bush is great and this song is a great song, so it’s a great cover, and I think it’s a pretty good little bit of writing, so check it out.

I decided to keep this on the Tumblr site, just as a matter of bookkeeping. Speaking of that, I got a wild hair in last night’s wee hours, and wrote a mess about being a writer, trying to be a writer, and the the existentialist issues that comes from combining the two, much less making money off them. The stroke sort got out from under me and I wandered a bit, but I had fun and that’s really all that matters. Again, check it out once you’ve read about Johnny Bush. It’s not quite as worth your time and gets a little bit much, but it has an interesting tidbit here and there, and one never knows, you might be able to see somewhere you can help.

Okay, I should be able to bullshit for a hundred or so words, get myself over the line. I smoked the last of my Christmas present, so that’s that for the time being. Before I was struck down by the Johnny Bush tune, I was going to write about my inability to focus on just one thing and how that’s always been an issue, but I got distracted so there you go. I’m sure it’ll come back around eventually. Not keep track here or anything.

The News holds no interest and all I’ll say about the variations in the Democratic run for the 2020 Nomination is a pox on all their houses until November, which is pretty much where I’ve been from the get-go. You’re just not going to pull me into picking a side. I will say Momma’s come across the stroke that Mike Bloomberg’s picking of Hilary Clinton would win the game and it just makes my head hurt.

It was another sunny, cool day, if a little warmer and a bit cloudier. Otis and I had a couple of very satisfying constitutionals, and that’s never bad. That’s enough, time to close it down. New week tomorrow and all little doggies need to get their rest.

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